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Information for Offer Holders

The information here relates to incoming students for October 2021 entry. Please bookmark this page and come back to check for news and updates and monthly treats in form of mathematical questions, data explorations or other puzzles.
Now that your offers have been confirmed the Admissions team wishes you well for the transition from school to university. To support you with this, there is the
Please bookmark that page, too, and make best use of the preparatory material, courses, and information offered there.
  • Teaching plans for the next academic year have been laid out and will be revisited as needed.
  • University or Warwick advice for international student arrival. Regrettably, continental European students will need more paperwork prior to entering the UK than they used to; please read the requirements about student visas under the relevant sections carefully and plan for enough time to get this completed in time for the start of the academic year.
  • Another Virtual Q&A session took place on May 5. Thank you for your questions, as they help us to keep our Admissions FAQs up to date. Also, you may want to go back to our Undergraduate course websites for information and links to many aspects of admissions, study and experience.
  • Talks from our Virtual Offer-Holder Visit Days took place March 3 and March 6 now accessible online here to offer holders. You will be asked to sign in with your Warwick applicant ID and password - this is different from your UCAS ID and password.
  • You can email the Department of Statistics if you have any further questions.
  • Pictures of Warwick campus by a local resident.
Monthly puzzles:

June: Expanding base II question hints solutions

May: Picking numbers game question hints solutions 

April: Expanding base question hints solutions

March: Favourite song question hints solutions 

February: Polynomials question hints solutions

January: Family sizes question hints solution

December: Same birthdays question hints solution 

Online events & resources:

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study at Warwick

This page contains information for applicants who have received an offer, or who have been recommended by the Department to receive an offer, to study for any of the Data Science, MathStat or MORSE courses at Warwick.

The next step

You will be invited to a virtual Offer-Holder Visit Day. Dates are still being finalised, but we hope to offer one Wednesday afternoon slot and one Weekend slot. You will receive electronic communication inviting you to register for one of these days.

The event is designed to give you a better idea of the range of possible "real world" applications of modern mathematics, and an insight into what our students and their lecturers/professors actually do. There will be talks with detailed information about the courses and extended opportunities for you to ask or submit questions.

These special events are for our offer-holders only. Our aim is to inspire you for studying a mathematical course with modern applications, as well as helping you to decide whether Warwick is the best place for you. Our students are extremely important to the life of the Department; if you do come to study here, we want you to be sure that the choice you made was the right one for you.

Your decision

Deciding on your Firm and Insurance choices is a very important decision. Below is information which may help you decide.

The course structure and information about modules

Studying in one of our degree courses means following your passion for mathematical sciences and combining it with modern applications. An overview of our courses, including information about study experience, student bloggers, recent graduates, visas and many more topics can be found at the departmental undergraduate courses websites. These also lead you to more specific pages for the Data Science, MathStat, and MORSE courses. Alternatively, this information is included in the online version of our Undergraduate Brochure. Lists of modules with descriptions are on the publicly accessible parts of our current student pages. Very detailed course guides can be found on our course handbook pages.

Research at the Department of Statistics

Warwick Statistics is internationally renowned for wide-ranging and cutting-edge research with applications and impact in many areas in sciences, social sciences, medicine, engineering, management science, finance and commerce. Undergraduate students benefit from this in a number of ways:

  • Innovative course design combining mathematics and statistics with modern applications
  • Providing a taste of frontier research areas already in undergraduate modules
  • Opportunities to conduct exciting research projects over the summer and as part of the final year

Warwick was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher & Further Education 2015 for research in Mathematics and Statistics and its global impact. Warwick Mathematics and Statistics are ranked 3rd in the most recent completed national research assessment REF 2014. (The next round will be completed later this year at REF 2021.) More details about the REF results and information about our full range of research activities and links to research initiatives can be found at our research webpages.

The University of Warwick has been named as one of the world’s top 100 universities for the study of 16 subjects, according to the 2021 edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject, released at 9pm on 3rd March 2021. All subject areas of our interdisciplinary courses (Economics, Business and Management Studies, and Computer Science) are among the top 100. Statistics and Mathematics at Warwick are ranked 21st!


Information about possible careers can be found in our Undergraduate Brochure and under Graduates in Demand.

TMUA, STEP, AEA and our Entrance Prizes

Mathematics at university is more complex and more rigorous than mathematics at school. We recommend that you get a taste of this by obtaining more practice in mathematical problem solving. An excellent way to do so is to prepare for TMUA, STEP, or AEA in Mathematics. Any time that you spend preparing for such papers will help you with the transition to university-level mathematics. At the same time, after having practised these harder questions, you should feel even more confident in answering standard A-level questions, thereby boosting your A-level performance. More about the motivation and practicalities regarding and about our prize for an outstanding result can be found on our Admissions test page.

Visual impressions

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic management we are currently not in a position where on-campus events can be offered. However, we recommend you explore the campus virtually:

  • Explore Warwick through this virtual tour.
  • Watch this video with student interviews at different sites on Warwick campus including the library and lecture buildings.
  • The first student appearing above is also featured in a video on the University's Statistics page.
  • You can further find interviews with two professors on the above page.
  • Local resident Angela Hall visited Warwick campus daily during the pandemic and share pictures and impressions.
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