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Working Papers Published in 2007

No. 07-01
Copas JB and Lozada C
Asymptotic Approximations for the Radial Plot in Meta Analysis, and a Bias Correction to the
Egger Test

No. 07-02
Griffin JE and Brown PJ
Bayesian adaptive lassos with non-convex penalization

No. 07-03
Griffin JE
The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Dirichlet Process and other time-varying processes for Bayesian
nonparametric inference

No. 07-04
Parsons N, Smith JQ, Thonnes E and Wilson RL
Rotationally invariant statistics for examining the evidence from the pores in fingerprints
Law, Probability and Risk, 7, (2008) 1-14

No. 07-05
Griffin JE and Steel MFJ
Bayesian Nonparametric modelling with the Dirichlet Process Regression Smoother

No. 07-06
Rigat F and Muliere P
Beta-Stacy survival regression models

No. 07-07
Rigat F and Smith JQ
Sequential change-point detection for time series models: assessing the functional dynamics
of neuronal networks

No. 07-08
Ley E and Steel MFJ
On the effect of prior assumptions in Bayesian model averaging with applications to
growth regression
Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24, (2009), 651-674

No. 07-09
Smith JQ
Local Robustness of Bayesian Parametric Inference and Observed Likelihoods

No. 07-10
Jacka SD, Berkaoui A and Warren J
No Arbitrage and Closure Results for Trading Cones with Transaction Costs
Finance and Stochastics, 12, 583-600, (2008)

No. 07-11
Fearnhead P, Papaspiliopoulos O, Roberts GO and Stuart A
Filtering Systems of Coupled Stochastic Differential Equations partially observed at High Frequency

No. 07-12
Hemming K and Hutton JL
Sensitivity Models for Missing Covariates in the Analysis of Survival Data from Multiple Surveys

No. 07-13
Riccomagno E and Smith JQ
Algebraic Causality: Bayes Nets and Beyond

No. 07-14
Riccomagno E and Smith JQ
The Causal Manipulation of Chain Event Graphs

No. 07-15
Copas JB
The Radial Plot in Meta Analysis: Approximations and Applications

No. 07-16
Batchelor A, Turner HL and Firth D
Nonlinear Discrete-Time Hazard Models for Entry into Marriage

No. 07-17
Copas JB and Malley PF
A Robust P-value for Treatment Effect in Meta Analysis with Publication Bias

No. 07-18
Quintana F, Steel MFJ and Ferreira JTAS
Flexible Univariate Continous Distributions

No. 07-19
Jacka SD and Sheehan M
The Noisy Veto-Voter Model: A Recursive Distributional Equation on [0, 1]
Journal of Applied Probability, 45, 670-688, (2008)

No. 07-20
Jacka SD and Berkaoui AK
On Representing Claims for Coherent Risk Measures

No. 07-21
Papaspiliopoulos O and Sermaidis G
Parametric Estimation of Discretely Observed Diffusions using the EM Algorithm

No. 07-22
Smith JQ and Rigat F  
Isoseparation and Robustnes in Finite Parameter Bayesian Inference

No. 07-23
Berthelsen KK, Breyer LA and Roberts GO
Perfect Posterior Simulation for Mature and Hidden Markov Models

No. 07-24
Papaspiliopoulos O and Sermaidis G
Monotonicity Properties of the Monte Carlo EM Algorithm and Connections with Simulated Likelihood

No. 07-25
Kimani PK, Stallard N and Hutton JL
Dose Selection in Seamless Phase II/III Clinical Trials based on Efficacy and Toxicity

No. 07-26
Cassella B and Roberts GO
Exact Monte Carlo Simulation of Killed Diffusions

No. 07-27
Roberts GO and Sangalli LM
Latent Diffusion Models for Event History Analysis