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Working Paper Series are pre-publication versions of research reports associated with the Centre's staff, research students and visitors.

Please note: we are no longer accepting papers for this series

No. 17-01 Honnor TR, Brettschneider JA, Johansen AM.Differences in spatial point patterns with application to subcellular biological structures

No. 17-02 Brettschneider JA, Warnett JW, Nichols TE and Kendall WS.Higher level spatial analysis of dead pixels on detectors based on local grid geometry

No. 17-03 Honnor TR, Johansen AM and Brettschneider JA.A nonparametric test for dependency between estimated local bulk movement patterns

No. 17-04 Cheung S,Hutton JL,and Brettschneider JA.Review of sojourn time calculation models used in breast cancer screening

No. 17-05 Brettschneider JA and Burgess M.Using a frailty model to measure the effect of covariates on the disposition effect

No. 17-06 Steel MFJ.Model Averaging and its Use in Economics