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Dr Ritabrata Dutta

Ritabrata (Rito) Dutta is an Assistant Professor of Statistics.

Research Interests: Likelihood-free Inference, Mechanistic Models, Model Selection, Applications of Statistics in Natural Science (e.g. Meteorology, Epidemiology, Bio-simulation etc.).

Ongoing Projects

Likelihood-free inference using machine learning (eg. classification, distance learning, energy-based models)
COVID-19: Optimal Lock-down
Quantifying effects of climate change on extreme weather events via distributional downscaling


Dr. Sherman Lo
Dr. Lin Gui (with Prof. Yulan He)
Dr. Georgios Vasdekis (with Dr. Richard Everitt)

Phd students

Lorenzo Pacchiardi, University of Oxford, UK (with Prof. Geoff Nicholls)
Rilwan Adewoyin, University of Warwick, UK (with Prof. Yulan He)
Yuexuan Wang, JKU Linz, Austria (with Prof. Andreas Futschik)
Yuehao Xu, JKU Linz, Austria (with Prof. Andreas Futschik)