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Computational/Methodological Statistics:

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Statistical Softwares:

  1. Ritabrata Dutta, Marcel Schoengens, Lorenzo Pacchiardi, Avinash Ummadisinghu, Nicole Widmer, Pierre Kunzli, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Antonietta Mira, (2021), “ABCpy: A High-Performance Computing Perspective to Approximate Bayesian Computation”, Journal of Statistical Software [Code|Documentation|Talk]
  2. Ritabrata Dutta, Marcel Schoengens, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, and Antonietta Mira, (2017) “ABCpy: A User-Friendly, Extensible, and Parallel Library for Approximate Bayesian Computation”, In Proceedings of PASC ’17, Lugano, ACM

Applied Statistics:

Meteorology and Climate science

  1. Lo, S., Watson, P., Dueben, P., Dutta, R., “High-resolution Probabilistic Precipitation Prediction for use in Climate Simulations”, Preprint [Code|Talk]
  2. Adewoyin, R., Dueben, P., Watson, P., He, Y., Dutta, R., (2021) “TRU-NET: A Deep Learning Approach to High Resolution Prediction of Rainfall”, Machine Learning [Code].

Population Genetics

  1. Xu, Y., Futschik, A., Dutta, R. (2022), "Joint likelihood-free inference on the number of selected SNPs and the selection coefficient in an evolving population", Preprint
  2. Wang, Y., Futschik, A., Dutta, R. (2022), "Bayesian linear models with unknown design over finite alphabets", Preprint


  1. Ritabrata Dutta, Susana Gomes, Dante Kalise, Lorenzo Pacchiardi, (2021) “Using mobility data in the design of optimal lockdown strategies for the COVID-19 pandemic”, PLOS Computational Biology [Code|Talk|Website|Press coverage]
  2. Ritabrata Dutta, Antonietta Mira, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, (2018) “Bayesian Inference of Spreading Processes on Networks”, Proceedings of Royal Society A [Code]

Computational Biology

  1. Cavallaro, M., Wang, Y., Hebenstreit, D., Dutta, R., "Bayesian inference of PolII dynamics over the exclusion process", Preprint
  2. Christos Kotsalos, Franck Raynaud, Jonas Latt, Ritabrata Dutta, Frank Dubois, Karim Zouaoui Boudjeltia and Bastien Chopard, (2022), "Shear induced diffusion of platelets revisited", Frontiers in Physiology
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Physical Science and Engineering

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Doctoral Thesis

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