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Visiting Research Fellows, Chairs and Professors

Potential candidates wishing to select us as their host are asked to please contact the Head of Research Development, Sarah Wilson to discuss their application. We hold a preliminary review process for all Fellowship schemes and Research Chair/Professorship opportunities. There are a wide range of schemes available but each funder has specific rules and regulations, therefore please ensure that you have read the guidance and can meet the eligibility requirements before you express an interest.

Step 1

Please submit a CV (max three pages), publication list (max one page) and supporting statement (max one page) to Sarah Wilson who will guide you through the review process. Please provide at least six weeks’ notice before the official scheme deadline so that if we support your application we can work together to make the strongest possible case.

Step 2

Your application will be considered for departmental support by the WMG Fellowship Committee. The main factors that will be taken into consideration are:

  • The individual’s academic excellence
  • The individual's alignment with the department
  • The availability of a suitable academic mentor (for Fellowships only)

The review process shall be conducted in adherence with the University’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy. It will also be a confidential process, particularly for those individuals looking to the make the transition from industry into academia.

Step 3

If the WMG Fellowship Committee decides to support your application, the Research Office will assist you throughout the application process. We set internal deadlines for draft proposals ahead of the funder deadlines to allow for sufficient preparation and peer review by experienced reviewers to provide valuable insights into the content and positioning of the proposal. It also allows time for the development of a considered departmental support package which helps enable the delivery of the proposed research programme. The selection process is developmental in nature so if you are unsuccessful you will receive feedback as to how you can strengthen your case for consideration in the future.




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