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Course Structure

  • Our courses are one-year, full-time postgraduate courses. For 2024 entry, all courses will start on the 30 September 2024 and have a duration of 12 months.
  • Warwick uses the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) to express credit weightings for each unit of learning.
  • Master's courses equal 180 CATS, that is nominally 1800 hours of learning. For a full time Master's course, you will be expected to put in an average of 40 hours of learning per week for the duration of your course. This will be a combination of taught content and self-study.
  • Our courses are modular in structure, with modules being taught over four weeks.
  • Modules are taught through a variety of online and face-to-face learning activities: lectures, seminar work, syndicate group activities, industrial games, practical exercises and case studies to encourage teamwork and practical grounding of the material. E-learning and forum activities are widely used to complement these activities.
  • Modules are scheduled at intervals throughout the academic year, with most being delivered between October and June. Full attendance is compulsory.
  • Modules are predominantly assessed by Post Module Assignment (PMA)*, rather than formal exams, with the exception of some of the finance-focused modules. Most modules will also have a degree of In Module Assessment (IMA), which will vary by module and may take the form of presentations, online tests, or a range of other assessment methods.
  • The following Finance modules are assessed by in-module group work and an open book examination to assess calculation competence: Accounting and Finance for Management; Supply Chain Business Finance; Financial Aspects of International Trade.
  • We provide extensive study skills training through our Study, Professional and Analytical Skills Module (SPA), which will run throughout the academic year to support your academic development.
  • Please note that occasional sessions may run at weekends.
Dissertation (project)
  • Alongside your modules you will have a major research project which is assessed through a Dissertation. Your project will take 33% of your time and effort. That is nominally 600 hours (60 CATS points) of learning. Please note that this is not a 'final project'. You will be required to work on your project throughout the academic year alongside your taught modules.
  • From early in the academic year, you will have access to our project selection system, through which you will engage with potential supervisors in order to select the most appropriate project for you.
  • Your project supports you in developing your personal research skills and provides the opportunity to focus on a topic of particular interest to you, often aligned to your career goals and aspiration.

Please note: we also offer part-time courses for candidates in full-time employment. For more details see Part-Time Courses

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