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Collaborative Product Development


This module is based on the imperative of Product to Market; as quickly and effectively as possible, to maximise market penetration. The strategic business issues of product development are considered in relation to companies globally collaborating with e-commerce technologies as a core competence.

The module is supported by a resource pack providing support material as a reference to the key concepts, tools and techniques deployed in the module.


On completing this module successful participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate and select the most appropriate CPD tools and technologies which can provide business benefit in the rapidly changing eBusiness environment.
  • Appreciate that CPD is part of the business strategy, and can be integrated into the businesses enterprise management structure, when appropriate.
  • Recognise and Appreciate the key business imperatives for the strategic implementation of CPD Technologies into current or new business and market environments
  • Understand the implications of CPD Technologies for an eBusiness and the associated risks involved.


  • Strategic Drivers for Collaborative Product Development (Customer and Market Knowledge, Knowledge Based Engineering and Product Selection, Team and Collaborative Working)
  • The Virtual Product (Electronic Product Definition and Data Exchange, Product Data Management, Knowledge Sharing and Intellectual Property)
  • CPD: Tools and Techniques (CPD Technologies, Communication and Networking Systems, Platforms and Shared Systems, White Boarding and Product Libraries)
  • CPD System Review (Review and Analysis of CPD Systems Commercially Available and Case Studies)
  • CPD in Enterprise Management (CRM, Data Warehousing, Procurement, SCM and ERP)
  • CPD Case Studies
  • CPD: The Future ( Collaborative Culture, Intra/Extranets)

This module is an elective module on MSc International Technology Management.

Please note: the details of this module are correct for the current year of study and may be subject to change for future years.