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The Digital Workplace




This module will look at the use of technology in the modern working environment. The focus will be on the use of technologies for managing disparate project teams using collaborative working tools such as video conferencing, shared applications, project management tools and shared information resources. In the US alone it is estimated that 8.4 million employees are members of one or more virtual teams or groups.

In a global business environment, it is evident that employees will be expected to work on projects remotely where the project team is dispersed across the globe. This by itself brings additional complications to managing an effective project when we begin to address culture, team dynamics and the ability to manage and apply technology.

The technology aspects will be supported with teaching around team formation, basic project management and cultural aspects to ensure both an academic and practical experience is gained.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of collaborative technologies and evaluate their application in a variety of business settings.
  2. Critically evaluate interpret various business scenarios, so to determine the appropriate technologies (such as video conferencing, shared server space and knowledge management systems) required to support them.
  3. Master a sound comprehension of the current, available collaboration and virtual technologies and their application in business scenarios.
  4. Evaluate and interpret business and team dynamics, in given scenarios, and identify best practice for managing project within these.
  5. Critically analyse current communication and project management technologies and identify their limitations and the potential for future development.


  1. What are Virtual Teams?
    - Definition
    - Growth – where do we see them.
  2. Collaboration
    - Definition
    - Core technologies involved
  3. Team Working
    - Forming effective teams
    - Managing team dynamics - cultural aspects
    - Virtual Team Working – best practice
  4. Collaborative / Virtual Team Enabling Technologies – Introduction and practical usage
    - Project management tools and applications
    - Task management tools and applications
    - Meeting scheduling
    - Document management systems and applications
    - Audio / video conferencing systems and applications
    - Knowledge management systems and applications
    - Virtual worlds


3750 Words Post Module Assessment (60 hours, 70% weighting) and In-class presentation (1.5 hours, 30% weighting)


1 week, to include lectures, seminars, workshops and presentations, approximately 36 total contact hours.

Please note: the details of this module are correct for the current year of study and may be subject to change for future years.