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Net Zero Innovation Network

Net Zero Innovation Network
Cohort Programme

Net Zero Innovation Network

The WMG SME team set up the Net Zero Innovation Network to bring together like-minded companies to discuss how sustainability can be brought into manufacturing. We hope to inspire new partnerships and projects that support the UK's sustainability goals.


The cohort is pre-funded through the shared prosperity fund for businesses that meet the below:

Essential Criteria

  • Small Medium Enterprise
  • Based in the West Midlands Combined Authority area

Preferable Criteria

  • Manufacturers
  • High CO2 emitters and energy users


A cohort brings together manufacturing businesses to:

  • Gain knowledge
  • Implement change
  • Grow their business

Upcoming starting dates:

4th July (Birmingham), 1st August (Birmingham), 3rd October (Dudley), 7th November (Birmingham), 12th December (Coventry).

Former Cohort Members

Our Vision

“To bring together businesses to learn and share best practices that are environmentally,
economically and socially sustainable for the duration of the cohort programme and beyond”

Benefits of Net Zero Innovation Network

Innovation Project

Technical innovation project to implement positive environmental and economic change.

Best Practice Visit

Observe sustainability innovations and best practice at UK manufacturing businesses

Collaboration Events

Expert speakers and workshops on sustainability topics that matter to your business

Net Zero Readiness Assessment

Online tool to assess how prepared your business is to meet net zero targets

Net Zero Roadmap

Support to generate a 10-year roadmap and action plan for your business to capitalise on further opportunities

Grant Funding

£10,000-£100,000 to support the implementation of sustainability and energy efficiency projects and equipment

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If you would like to find out more about our programmes, please contact us now for an informal, no-obligation discussion about your requirements.

Our Cohort Alumni

Kingfisher Enamelling Link opens in a new window

WMG worked with Midlands manufacturer Kingfisher Enamelling to reduce its energy consumption by redirecting waste heat, and removing reliance on natural gas within the factory.

Brandauer LtdLink opens in a new window

WMG helped Brandauer reduce its packaging emissions by 60% after reviewing a range of solutions including using reusable packaging instead of conventional pallets.

Sarginsons Industries LtdLink opens in a new window

Waste streams to wins - Through a project with WMG, Sarginsons uncovered the potential to reduce core shop waste by 50%

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Contact us

If you would like to find out more about our programmes, please contact us now for an informal, no-obligation discussion about your requirements.