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WMG: Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation


WorldFirst Hybrid Westfield Racing Car Launches at Goodwood Festival of Speed

WMG Research Engineer Stephen Lambert unveiled the WorldFirst Hybrid Westfield racing car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July introducing electric hybrid cars to club racing. The car performed two runs each day on the famous Goodwood hill climb and was on display in the FoS Tech pavilion. More...




The Road to Low Carbon Vehicles

For 30 years WMG has been at the forefront of using new materials, challenging conventional thinking to help business and industry develop innovative products. Driven by a research team which combines both industrial and academic experience, WMG’s research expertise ensures delivery of innovative solutions for our partners.  More...


World class research the key to UK competitiveness

Never has the need to collaborate been greater than in the current economic climate. Britain finds itself in a position where if it wants to continue to compete on the world stage, it has to be able to offer new innovative products. This is the key to international competitiveness and will enable our recovery from recession.  More...