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WMG PhD student heads to COP27

A PhD student, from WMG at the University of Warwick, is heading to Egypt this week for COP27.Picture shows WMG PhD student Shravani Sharma

Shravani Sharma, who is studying for a PhD in Travel Choices and Wellbeing, is heading to the climate summit as the Youth Transport Fellow for High Level Climate Champions UNFCCC, a role centred on building momentum towards an accelerated transition to zero emission vehicles.

Shravani’s work has always focused on the transport sector (which is responsible for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions), and on persuading policymakers, operators and the public of the benefits of cleaner and healthier modes of transport supported by evidence-based research and analysis.

She will be sharing her expertise at the “Youth on the move: Young people and transport in the 21st century” session on 10th November and at several other events.

Shravani, who is part of WMG’s Intelligent Vehicles Research Group, explained: "In a world where we are striving to adopt more sustainable forms of transport, it is paramount that our transportation systems and policies are designed to enable modal shift and promote positive travel behaviour.

“I was not even aware that transport planning was a career! I fell into it by accident after taking a module on planning infrastructure and found it not only fascinating, but so rewarding as it impacts the real world and real life. I I grew up watching TV shows about doctors in hospital environments and law firms where the protagonists save the world, which made me want to be a doctor or lawyer coming from an aspirational cultural background. I feel there should be more movies and TV shows made to inspire the upcoming generations to showcase the importance of city and transport planners, and use the power of media for positive drum rolling.

“If our towns and cities are the hearts of the nation, contributing to most of the economic activities, then transport infrastructure is our arteries. Therefore, to ensure good health of the nation we should ensure these arteries are clear of congestion, pollution, accidents etc. “

You can register for ‘Youth on the move: Young people and transport in the 21st century’ here: Youth on the move: Young people and transport in the 21st century (

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