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WMG staff praised for international manufacturing project

Picture shows WMG staff supporting the CCA in implementing Manufacturing 4.0 in Mauritius.Three members of staff from WMG, at the University of Warwick, have been praised for their ‘excellent’ work to support the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda (CCA) in implementing Manufacturing 4.0 in Mauritius.

The CCA is a major member-state led initiative to grow intra-commonwealth trade and investment and promote expanded investment to support global growth, create employment, and promote knowledge exchange among Commonwealth members.

The WMG team led by Dr Hamid Moradlou together with colleagues Tarek El-Said from the Supply Chain Group, and Onur Eren from the SME Group, responded to a funding call from the Commonwealth Secretariat to support Commonwealth countries with their connectivity agenda.

The trio were praised for delivering a well-received capacity building programme for local policymakers and manufacturing businesses including comprehensive understanding of Manufacturing 4.0; strategic vision and roadmap development; effective technology integration; change management and innovation; policy navigation; and performance measurement and sustainability.

Dr Hamid Moradlou explained: “This project was a great example of collaboration between industry, academia, and policymakers. The initiative was equallyPicture shows WMG staff supporting the CCA in implementing Manufacturing 4.0 in Mauritius supported by both the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Ministry of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives in Mauritius, facilitating the work done by WMG in eight manufacturing companies from various sectors. The success of this project has led to further discussions around scaling this project in other Commonwealth countries.”

WMG supports SME manufacturers with digital technologies across the UK. Find out more here:

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Professor Alok Choudhary: Impact of the Red Sea crisis on global supply chains

Picture of Professor Alok ChoudharyExpert comment from Professor of Supply Chain Management, Alok Choudhary.

“The ongoing Red Sea crisis might have far-reaching consequences on the global supply chain, trade, and economic dynamics. Serving as the shortest sea route connecting Asia and Europe, the Suez Canal transports 17,000 ships annually, representing 12% of the world's total trade volume and $1 trillion worth of goods.

“The implications of this disruption on trade are significant. Rerouting ships an additional 3500 nautical miles is expected to result in significant delays, causing logistical challenges for major companies. The increased shipping and logistics costs incurred due to longer travel times are likely to be passed on to consumers, leading to a potential spike in prices for a wide array of goods, from everyday consumer items, oil and gas to crucial components for industries such as automotive and manufacturing.

“The ripple effect on production cycles is a cause for concern, as delays in delivering key components may lead to further disruptions. In particular, the automotive and consumer goods industries may face challenges in maintaining production schedules if crucial components do not reach their destinations on time.

“One of the most immediate impacts could be felt in the oil market, with potential consequences for global oil prices. The disruption in the timely transportation of both refined and crude oil through the canal may contribute to an increase in oil prices. This could have a cascading effect on economies, particularly in regions heavily reliant on oil imports, and may be reflected at fuel pumps worldwide.

“Here in the UK, the rise in oil prices could pose a challenge to economic stability and may halt falling inflation. Higher shipping and logistics costs, coupled with potential delays in the delivery of goods, might contribute to inflationary pressures. This could have broader implications for the UK economy, impacting consumer spending and overall economic growth.”

Read more about Supply Chain research at WMG here:

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Dean of WMG visits universities across the world

Picture shows Professor Stuart Croft, Chandrajit Banerjee and Professor Robin Clark in IndiaThe start of this year’s 2023 academic year has been particularly busy for Professor Robin Clark, Dean of WMG. Over the last few months, he has had the privilege of connecting with counterparts at universities worldwide, engaging with international students, and meeting members of the Warwick alumni community.

In October, Professor Robin Clark; and Associate Professor and Director of Overseas Programmes, Mike Newton, travelled to Singapore to attend the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) graduation.

WMG and SIM have a global education partnership allowing students in Singapore to receive a degree from WMG. A total of 45 students graduated, many of whom completed their course during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Dean of WMG, Professor Robin Clark, said, "At the ceremony, we celebrated the students' latest achievement on their path to leadership. Overcoming various challenges, they earned the University of Warwick qualification through their dedicated efforts. Their graduation is a testament to their academic success and a promising sign of their potential to positively influence our shared future. They're poised to make a meaningful impact by fostering connections, promoting sustainability, and contributing to a more productive world around us."

From Singapore, Professor Clark and Mike Newton, then travelled to Beijing to attend the Beijing City University (BCU) graduation. Similar to SIM, BCU and WMG have a global education partnership allowing students in Beijing to receive a degree from WMG.

Professor Clark said, “At BCU, we had an engaging roundtable discussion on project management, followed by insightful speeches, the presentation of awards, the symbolic turning of tassels, and memorable group photos."

After a brief return to the UK, Professor Clark then travelled to the University of Pentecost and University of Ghana where he gave the keynote at the University of Ghana's First Annual Engineering Conference on Sustainable Innovative Technologies for Development.

Professor Clark added, “It was a privilege to be invited to address the audience. I had the honour to meet the Dean of the University of Ghana, Engineering, and several colleagues for an informative discussion about collaboration.”

Catch up on the University of Ghana's First Annual Engineering Conference and Professor Clark’s keynote here:

In November, Professor Clark, Professor Dan Nunan, Associate Dean (Postgraduate) and Dr. Mosh Mujthaba (Academic Director, Hong Kong) travelled toPicture shows Professor Dan Nunan; Professor Robin Clark, Dean of WMG; and Dr Mosh Mujthaba Hong Kong to attend the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU) graduation ceremony. Like Warwick, HK PolyU is ranked in the top 100 Universities in the world and has a strong partnership with WMG that has been running for 33 years.

This was the first in-person graduation ceremony attended by WMG faculty members since 2019 and with students graduating all having their studies affected by COVID.

Professor Clark said, "More than 2,000 postgraduate students have now graduated from joint programmes as part of the longstanding WMG – PolyU partnership. With record numbers of applications and strong student numbers, we look forward to this partnership continuing to flourish in the future. At the ceremony, it was wonderful to celebrate students’ success, recognising that many graduating had overcome numerous challenges over the COVID period in order to succeed in their studies."

To wrap up the final leg of Professor Clark’s international travels for 2023, he recently accompanied the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Stuart Croft, on a trip to India to meet with members of the Warwick alumni community at two receptions in New Delhi and Mumbai.

The focal points of the alumni receptions centred around Warwick's upcoming 60th anniversary in 2025, and the transformative potential of WMG in addressing global challenges.

Professor Clark had the opportunity to connect with potential partners and revive relationships. As part of the visit, he met with Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General of the Confederation of Indian Industry, at CII House in New Delhi to discuss ways to strengthen the relationship between CII and WMG.

Professor Clark also held meetings with senior representatives at Tata Trusts and then Tata Power. He concluded his trip by visiting the CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Excellence, where he discussed the possibility of developing new education partnerships.

Professor Clark said: “These global experiences underscore my commitment to international engagement and highlight the profound impact of cultivating a worldwide network. Connecting with alumni globally is a cornerstone of the University's dedication to building enduring relationships, contributing to the collective success of a global academic community like no other.”

Follow more updates from Professor Clark here: (19) Professor Robin Clark (@Prof_RobinClark) / X (

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New book published by WMG duo to tackle meaningful game design

Congratulations to Assistant Professor in Technology Management and Systems Engineering, Dr Devon Allcoat; and Head of eLearning, Chris Evans atMeaningful Game Design book cover WMG at the University of Warwick, who have co-authored a new text book entitled ‘Meaningful Game Design.’

Routledge, publisher of professional and academic books, approached Dr Allcoat and Mr Evans after hearing about specific modules that form part of WMG’s e-Business Management and Games Engineering full-time Master’s programmes, and the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning's (IATL) undergraduate offerings.

The book provides readers with the tools and methods with which to create effective tabletop games. It covers the design and development process guiding readers through the necessary mechanics, messages, and motivations of games that must be understood in order to build successful tabletop games, including educational games for teaching or training.

It includes chapters on design methodology, narrative, accessibility and playtesting, and aims to support students on game design courses, as well as appealing to designers, teachers and hobbyists.

Dr Allcoat explains: “This book teaches core principals of game design, applicable to all types of games. In our increasingly digital age, it discusses hybrid games and digital elements, but doesn’t forget the human component, also exploring psychology and accessibility.”

Meaningful Game Design is widely available online and in book shops. A 20% discount code EFL03 is available if purchased directly via This code expires on 31 December 2023.

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Expert comment from Professor Siddartha Khastgir

Picture of Professor Siddartha KhastgirProfessor Siddartha Khastgir, Head of Verification and Validation at WMG, University of Warwick, comments on the Government’s plans to introduce the primary legislation for automated vehicles in the upcoming parliamentary session, as announced in the King’s Speech today (Tuesday 7th November).

Professor Khastgir said: ‘‘We welcome the Government’s decision to introduce the primary legislation on automated vehicles in the King’s Speech today. Following on from the discussions at the AI Safety Summit last week, this very first legislation on AI-powered technology is an important step for the UK to reach its target of rolling out automated cars in 2025.

“Regulation is the key enabler for the safe introduction of automated vehicles on UK roads. Not only does it provide regulatory certainty for the industry, but it is also key to setting high safety thresholds and gaining the public’s trust. We urge the Government to ensure that the regulatory framework is robust and underpinned by strong research outcomes. International and national self-driving standards should be built upon when creating this legislation.

“We also urge the Government to speed up the secondary legislation on automated vehicles to provide more information on the engineering requirements. The Government needs to ensure public views are incorporated into this legislative journey and take future users’ viewpoints into account. As a result, along with the legislation, a public awareness programme should be introduced to ensure an accurate understanding of the capabilities and limitations of this emerging technology. The Government needs to act quickly to be at the forefront of this technology.

“WMG will continue to fully support the Government and the eco-system to develop research and evidence-based self-driving regulation in the UK.’’

Find out more about WMG’s Verification and Validation research here:

Expert comment from Professor Siddartha Khastgir

Picture of Professor Siddartha KhastgirProfessor Siddartha Khastgir, Head of Verification and Validation at WMG, University of Warwick, comments on Cruise pausing all driverless robotaxi operations in the US to rebuild public trust.

“Safety is the number one priority when commercialising self-driving vehicles, we should never compromise safety even though this is a fast-paced technology. The industry and autonomous vehicle developers and operators need to have a thorough review of the current incidents and be more open and transparent regarding their safety assurance processes and systems.

“Safety messages and information should be communicated to the public to gradually build up societal trust and ensure that technology users and road users are well-informed about this new technology’s capabilities and limitations.

“As a world-leading research institution, WMG is working closely with international and national policymakers, regulators, and industry to improve the safety of self-driving vehicles. We encourage the ecosystem to collaborate further to gain the public’s confidence in this emerging transport technology.

Find out more about WMG’s Verification and Validation research here:

WMG Professor made Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Picture of Professor David GreenwoodWMG at the University of Warwick’s Professor David Greenwood has been elected a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering.

Professor Greenwood is CEO of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and Director for Industrial Engagement at WMG.

Professor Greenwood has been elected as part of a group of 73 leading figures in the field of engineering and technology to the fellowship.

The group consists of 60 Fellows, eight International Fellows and five Honorary Fellows, each of whom has made exceptional contributions to their own sector, pioneering new innovations, leading progress in business or academia, providing high level advice to government, or promoting wider understanding of engineering and technology.

The new Fellows will be formally admitted to the Academy at a special ceremony in London on 28 November, when each Fellow will sign the roll book. In joining the Fellowship, they will lend their unique capabilities to achieving the Academy’s overarching strategic goal to harness the power of engineering to create a sustainable society and an inclusive economy for all.

Professor Greenwood commented: "I am truly honoured to be elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. The UK has tremendous capability in engineering and manufacturing and the work of the Royal Academy is pivotal in helping to achieve its full potential. I look forward to playing my part in that."

Professor Sir Jim McDonald FREng FRSE, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, said:

“Engineering is everywhere, but nowhere the same, and our new Fellows represent the great breadth and diversity of engineers who are striving to address some of the world’s most complex challenges – benefiting society and the economy in the process. From next generation power networks and water systems to quantum computing and artificial intelligence, our new Fellows are shaping the future.

“We live in an era of rapid change across our communities, our country, and of course our planet. Today we welcome to our Fellowship an inspiring group of people who are harnessing their creativity, courage and commitment to drive positive change in the world around us and we look forward to their contribution to our work.”

View the full list of 2023 fellows here.

Wed 20 Sep 2023, 09:30 | Tags: HVM Catapult Research Our People

WMG’s Professor Khastgir quoted in parliamentary inquiry’s call for action on self-driving vehicles

Picture shows Professor Siddartha Khastgir giving evidence at the enquiryToday (Friday 15th September), the House of Commons Transport Select Committee released its cross-party report on self-driving vehicles, calling for urgent legislation to be proposed by the Government to support innovators, regulate this emerging technology sector, and give the public confidence in the safety of connected and autonomous mobility.

Professor Siddartha Khastgir, Head of Verification and Validation at WMG, University of Warwick, who gave evidence to the inquiry and is quoted in the report, said:

"The Transport Select Committee is right to say self-driving vehicles (SDV) are a British success story and that our domestic innovators have energy, creativity, and expertise.

"To secure this progress, we need to ensure consumers can be confident of the safety of SDVs, because, as I told the Committee we can have the safest technology, but if we cannot convince the public, they will never use it.

"So, I’m delighted the Committee is calling for the Government to ‘bring forward and pass comprehensive legislation in the next parliamentary session’ to put in place a robust regulatory framework For SDVs, and I look forward to working with industry, ministers, civil servants and parliament to ensure the public can be confident in the safety of the next generation of transport innovation."

Professor Khastgir provided written and oral evidence to the Transport Committee’s Self-Driving Vehicles Inquiry. His evidence has been referenced (significantly) in this report, including the use of the Operational Design Domain (ODD) to design driving conditions so that SDVs can be tested and operate safely; the importance of ‘informed safety’ that the technology developers need to equip the users about the capabilities and limitations of the self-driving technology so they can use the technology safely.

Read the report here: opens in a new window

Fri 15 Sep 2023, 09:52 | Tags: Research Our People Verification and Validation

WMG Workshop Manager selected for key technical advisory role

Picture of WMG Workshop Manager, Zachary ParkinsonCongratulations to Zachary Parkinson, WMG at the University of Warwick’s, Workshop Manager, who has been appointed to the Technical Council at the Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy (ITSS).

The ITSS was established in March 2023 and is funded by Research England. It is hosted by the University of Nottingham in partnership with a network of organisations and institutions across UK higher education and research, including the University of Warwick.

It was launched to ensure that the UK has the technical capability and capacity across academia, research, education, and innovation. Its aim is to support and enable the UK to be a global superpower in science, engineering, and the creative industries.

The ITSS received over 150 submissions to join its council with just 14 individuals, including Zac, selected as one of the very first founder members.

Zac and his fellow members will act as ITSS ambassadors meeting quarterly to advise on the needs of the technical community, contribute to progressing ITSS programmes/initiatives and to provide input on the assessment of internal submissions.

Members serve an initial two-year term, after which membership is refreshed to allow a wide range of ideas and individuals to be included.

Zac Parkinson, Workshop Manager at WMG, University of Warwick said: “I feel extremely privileged to have my application accepted to join the ITSS Council, and I am looking forward to working closely with other universities and external organisations to ensure we are providing the opportunities and skills required to help increase the number of skilled technicians across the country.”

Paul Johnson, Technical Services Manager at WMG, University of Warwick added: “It was great to hear that we have one of our own working with this new UK Institute that will make real change and influence the landscape for technicians working within universities. Zac is well placed, having been an apprentice, technician and now technical manager to help influence decisions and build on the good work already being conducted within the sector.’’

Find out more about WMG’s Technician Commitment here: Technician Commitment (

Thu 22 Jun 2023, 12:37 | Tags: Our People, Skills, Technician Commitment

New Director of Business Development appointed at WMG

Picture of Dyrr ArdashDyrr Ardash has been appointed as the new Director of Business Development for WMG, at the University of Warwick.

Dyrr will engage with education and research communities focusing on growing services to industry. He will lead business development across WMG, within professional education programmes and across all research areas - whether it be collaborative or industry funded opportunities. He will be engaging with a variety of customers from SMEs to large multi-nationals, within the UK and across the globe.

Dyrr is an automotive engineering graduate with more than 25 years’ experience in mobility and transportation, and a breadth of technical, commercial and strategic experience.

He started his career in powertrain development at Ford Motor Company, before joining DENSO where he developed electronic powertrain control and fuel systems for several European manufacturers. Dyrr held both Chief Engineer and senior commercial roles at Ricardo before joining WAE.

He has delivered projects globally in a variety of technical areas across products, from two-wheel mobility solutions, passenger cars, through to construction equipment and marine applications. At WAE he was responsible for strategic partnerships, collaborating closely with industry and academia, in addition to leading several de-carbonisation initiatives.

Dyrr explains: "I have long admired the impact that WMG has had on UK industry and its reach across the world. WMG capability is very relevant for the needs of today, but also the transformation of industry to one that will meet the sustainability requirements of mobility, transportation and beyond. I am very excited to be able to work with our current and potential partners to meet their sustainability goals and have a lasting impact on the world we live in.”

Professor David Greenwood, the CEO of the WMG centre High Value Manufacturing Catapult and Director for Industrial Engagement at WMG, University of Warwick, comments: “Dyrr joins WMG at an exciting time, as our primary research areas of electrification; sustainable materials; sustainable manufacturing; and sustainable transport are at the top of the agenda for government and much of industry.

“We look forward to broadening the impact of our research by working with an increasing number and type of businesses to deliver innovation into a wide range of market sectors.”

Find out more about the High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres here:

To contact Dyrr about working with WMG, please email:

You can also connect with Dyrr on LinkedIn

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