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Senior Research Fellow


University of Warwick
T:   024 7657 5409
W:   Engineering Materials and Manufacturing

Research Interests

1) The roll formability of ultra high strength steels (UTS > 1GPa) 2) Characterising subtle defects on cosmetic surfaces and identifying their causes 3) Characterising the yielding of steels and aluminium's with texture data 4) Characterising the statistical forming limits of sheet metal 5) Understanding the effect of material and process variability on the formability of aluminium sheet material. 6)The fracture of polymers under impact loading.


Sumit Hazra completed his undergrad and postgrad degrees at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Imperial College, London. On completion, he joined the R&D division of an automotive supplier, where he was involved in the design of frontal airbag systems. Specifically, he was responsible for the stress analysis of airbag housings to ensure that they remained intact as the airbag deployed in the event of a crash event. He joined Warwcik and WMG in 2004 and has been involved in 1) Determining the sensitivity of aluminium formability to real-world process variations. 2) The development of a novel wavelet-based method to predict the location and severity of subtle cosmetic defects in automotive skin panels. The technique was deployed within industry. 3) Determining the strain state in the thickness of a sheet when it is formed over small tooling radii with neutron diffraction methods 4) The statistical characterisation of the formability of automtive steels and aluminiums 5) The characterisation of yielding in aluminiums and steels using X-ray diffraction techniques 6) The roll formability of ultra high strength steels. Sumit's research is funded by EPSRC, High-value Manufacturing Catapult, the UK's regional development funds and automotive OEMs and suppliers.

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