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Senior Teaching Fellow


University of Warwick
T:   02476524815
W:   WMG Education

Research Interests

Dr Donzella has a strong background in Silicon Photonics and integrated optical sensors. Her current research interest are: autonomous vehicles, sensors and automotive sensors and actuators, LIDARs, optical sensing, integrated optics, automotive electronics and test techniques (for publications see google scholar profile).


Dr Donzella completed her Ph.D. (with honours) in Innovative Technologies for Communication and Information Engineering form Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa, Italy), one of the most prestigious University in Italy. Before joining WMG, she was a postdoctoral researcher and then MITACS fellow in the ECE Department at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver (BC), Canada), working on integrated optical sensors on Silicon Photonics chips in one of the world leading groups for Silicon Photonics. At WMG, Dr Donzella is leading the launch the MSc program on Smart Connected and Autonomous Vehicles ( She is deeply involved in academic knowledge transfer, and she leads several master level modules on Automotive Engineering. She is committed to strengthen the research-teaching nexus at WMG.