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Principal Engineer


University of Warwick
T:   024 7657 5971
W:   Vehicle Propulsion Systems, Energy Group

Research Groups

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  • WMG centre HVM Catapult More details
  • Research Interests

    Component sizing, Batteries, Systems modelling, Powertrain modelling, Vehicle usage profiles


    Dr Andrew McGordon has a BSc (Honours) degree in Physics from the University of Birmingham. After his undergraduate degree Andrew successfully completed his PhD in 'The Current-Voltage and Noise Properties of High Temperature Superconductor SNS and Grain Boundary Junctions' also at the University of Birmingham. Andrew then worked for British Steel, then Corus, in the Research, Development and Technology departments at Teesside Technology Centre followed by Swinden Technology Centre. His work focussed on modelling the straightening of long product sections and plate, and instrumentation and generation of user interfaces for control of heavy plant.

    Andrew joined WMG in May 2005 working on the Premium Automotive Research and Development Hybrid Vehicle projects and developed the hybrid powertrain simulation tool, WARPSTAR. Andrew spent several years leading powertrain modelling across a range of projects. In particular, Andrew has a keen interest in understanding vehicle usage cases and the effect that this has on component sizing and operational efficiency. Following this, Andrew spent several years investigating battery operation with a focus on modelling and ageing. Andrew is currently a Principal Engineer in the Vehicle Systems group at WMG, working on alternative powertrain technologies. Recently Andrew has worked on several very light rail (VLR) projects with a focus on the powertrain and control aspects. Andrew is currently working on a range of powertrain projects, with a focus on modelling, across a range of sectors.

    Research Projects

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    • Barai, Anup, Uddin, Kotub, Dubarry, Matthieu, Somerville, Limhi, McGordon, Andrew, Jennings, P. A. (Paul A.), Bloom, Ira, 2019. A comparison of methodologies for the non-invasive characterisation of commercial Li-ion cells. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 72, pp. 1-31, View
    • Jeffs, James, McGordon, Andrew, Picarelli, Alessandro, Robinson, Simon, Tripathy, Yashraj, Widanage, Widanalage Dhammika, 2018. Complex heat pump operational mode identification and comparison for use in electric vehicles. Energies, 11 (8), View
    • Barai, Anup, Uddin, Kotub, Chevalier, Julie, Chouchelamane, G. H., McGordon, Andrew, Low, John C. T., Jennings, P. A. (Paul A.), 2017. Transportation safety of lithium iron phosphate batteries - a feasibility study of storing at very low states of charge. Scientific Reports, 7 (5128), View
    • Grandjean, Thomas, Barai, Anup, Hosseinzadeh, Elham, Guo, Yue, McGordon, Andrew, Marco, James, 2017. Large format lithium ion pouch cell full thermal characterisation for improved electric vehicle thermal management. Journal of Power Sources, 359, pp. 215-225, View
    • Taylor, James, Ball, Robert, McGordon, Andrew, Uddin, Kotub, Marco, James, 2015. Sizing tool for rapid optimisation of pack configuration at early-stage automotive product development. Electric Vehicle Symposium 28 (EVS28), Goyang, Korea, 3-6 May 2015, View

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    Post Graduate Supervision

  • Simultaneous optimisation of fuel economy and emissions for real-world driving Date of Completion:2016
  • Hybridised Energy Storage for Transport Applications Date of Completion:2019
  • Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Vehicles Date of Completion:2019
  • Battery testing methods for real world usage Date of Completion:2018
  • Understanding battery ageing Date of Completion:2016
  • Optimisation of component sizes of hybrid vehicles based on real world driving for optimum fuel economy, emissions and cost Date of Completion:2014
  • Design of a Vehicle-to-Home simulation tool for the analysis of novel energy storage applications Date of Completion:2012
  • Optimisation of hybrid electric vehicle management system for real world driving Date of Completion:2014
  • An Investigation into the optimal operation of a complex heat pump for the complete thermal management of an electric vehicle in cold climates Date of Completion:2019