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University of Warwick
T:   024 7652 8038
W:   Service Systems Research Group

Research Interests

Professor Ng brings the customer centricity of marketing into the transdisciplinary domain of service systems, particularly in new business models and pricing/revenue models. Her research lies in the trans-disciplinary understanding of value; creating, designing, pricing, contracting and innovating based on value, embedded within new economic and business models of complex service systems. She has published numerous articles in the domain of management, marketing, engineering, information systems, economics, education and sociology and she is the author of two books 'The Pricing & Revenue Management of Services: A Strategic Approach' and the highly acclaimed 'Value and Worth: Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy', which is published by Cambridge University Press (Kindle edition available on Amazon). She is also lead editor of the edited book 'Complex Engineering Service Systems: Concepts and Research'. Within complex service systems, her research interests are also in the area of Value-based Service Innovation, Viability and Service Transformation of Organisations, Outcome based Contracts, Build/System-for-outcomes, Servitization as well as Service Capacity.


Irene is a Professor of Marketing and Service Systems and the Director of the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation at WMG, University of Warwick. She is also a Senior Member at Wolfson College, Cambridge. Irene was an entrepreneur and practitioner for 16 years before switching to an academic career. During her time in industry she occupied a number of senior positions in industry rising to become CEO of SA Tours and Travel group of companies (Singapore, Malaysia, China and UK) and founded Empress Cruise Lines, a company with an annual turnover of USD250m which she sold in 1996. An industrial economist through her doctoral training, Irene's research lies in the trans-disciplinary understanding of value and the design of markets and economic/business models. She is the recipient of several ESRC fellowship appointments, including being one of the 6 UK Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) research Services Fellows, the ESRC/NIHR Placement Fellow and more recently, one of the five ESRC/InnovateUK Innovation Caucus Thought leaders. Both an entrepreneur and an academic, Irene is passionate about the link between practice and research. She is an advisor to startups on new financial models in digital businesses.

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Research Projects

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • Value-creating Service Systems in sub-Saharan Africa enabled by the Internet of Things
  • Why are some firms better at the monetisation of free services in the Digital Economy than others?
  • Connected car: The role of satisfaction and loyalty
  • The Exploitation of Additive Layer Manufacturing for the Manufacture of Components for Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  • How can service intermediaries (Energy Service Companies) help facilitate low carbon transition pathways through the promotion and diffusion of distributed generation?