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Sustainable materials and manufacturing

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Multi criteria decision aiding

Implementing sustainable solutions in a dynamic world can often require a deeper understanding of many factors and trade-offs. We have deployed robust methodologies using MCDA to allow for the combination of qualitative and quantitative data to be incorporated into decision-making processes.

Materials engineering

We have both design and characterisation capabilities across all material systems. Capabilities include extrusion, injection and compression moulding, forming, VARTM and surface treatments. Characterisation capabilities include mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical.

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MultiScale Materials Group


We have extensive experience in the chemical modification of natural and waste materials to enhance their functionality and increase their uptake by making them more suitable for industrial products and processing.


All of our research is underpinned by robust financial modelling and life cycle costing to ensure that our technical solutions are fit for purpose and commercially viable.

Industrial biotechnology

We can process bio-based materials using low energy routes such as fermentation in order to either break them down into materials suitable as green alternatives to traditional petrochemical derivatives or refine biomaterials by removing contaminants, enabling usage in higher value applications.

Life cycle analysis (LCA)

Utilising existing industrial and custom databases, we can produce life cycle assessments of industrial products and processes. Specifically, we can identify the area(s) of most significant environmental burden can be identified and then strategies to reduce the overall impact can be produced.

Sustainable materials and processes

We have a strong track record in the processing, design and engineering of circular material systems and manufacturing processes that enable them to deployed in the real world in a cost-effective manner.

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