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Battery Materials and Cells Group - WMG

Battery Materials and Cells Group

Battery Elements Matter

We're applying the latest electrochemical techniques and energy storage materials knowledge to characterise, validate and optimise new processes, systems, and devices for breakthrough solutions in lithium-ion batteries, as well as research into chemistries that move beyond lithium-ion technology.

We also deliver the scaled-up production of electrochemical materials from bench-scale to industry-relevant quantities.

We are able to develop safe, scalable, and commercially viable processes to produce kilogram quantities of electrochemical materials needed for industrial evaluation. Our R&D capabilities are wide-ranging and cover activities in active materials (anode; cathode) and inactive materials (binders, separators, additives, and electrolytes).

About Our Research

1) Chemistries: Ni-rich, Si-rich anodes, anode free, protective coatings, Li-metal anodes, solid state electrolytes, Na-ion batteries.

2) Manufacturing: Electrode formulations, novel processing, recycling and battery scale up

Our expertise spans the core science of electrochemical materials, material synthesis, and composite microstructures, enabling us to unlock novel properties and scale-up processing. Our mission is clear: to revolutionize electrochemical materials in line with automotive industry targets.

We're committed to achieving significant cost reductions, doubling energy density per cell, quadrupling power density in power packs, enhancing safety through improved thermal runaway prevention, doubling the lifetime of packs, expanding the efficient temperature range, boosting predictability for in situ and aging batteries, and pushing recyclability to unprecedented levels, aiming for approximately 95%. It's not just expertise; it's a transformative journey towards automotive excellence.

Focus areas

Our activities span energy materials discovery and integration into real world formats with the WMG Battery Scale Up (BSU) battery pilot line.

Electrode screening and formulations

Produce solids from a mixture of solid starting materials.

Electrochemical methods of manufacturing electrodes and coatings

Produce solids from electrochemical redox reactions, e.g. electrodeposition.

Advanced materials and electrochemical characterisation

Produce sophisticated materials and analysis of electrochemical properties.

Cell propagation from coin to large format

Produce solids high temperature and pressure aqueous solutions.

Tear down forensics and reverse engineering

Produce solids through sol gel and salts solutions.

Novel electrode manufacturing methods

Exploring unique approaches to manufacture electrodes.

Recent publications

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