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Connected and Cooperative Autonomous Systems

Connected and Cooperative Autonomous Systems (CCAS)

About us

Artificial Intelligence and emerging 5G/6G Technologies will enable exciting applications. For example, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Intelligent Communication Networks, and Multi-Agent Robotic Systems.

Designing Connectivity/Computing Systems to enable cooperation among Intelligent/Autonomous Systems and harvesting them to transform the ways that Intelligent Systems understand the world around them (perception) and plan their actions (control) are crucial for the safe deployment of Connected Intelligent Systems.

About our research

Our mission is to develop technologies and solutions that will enable environment-friendly, human-friendly (safe, compatible with individual and societal wellbeing), and cost-effective deployment of Connected/Cooperative Intelligent Systems that we expect to make the world a better living place for its inhabitants.

Our research and expertise focus on the design, development, testing, and validation of two key aspects of Cooperative Autonomous Systems (CCAS):

  • Designing and validating effective information and communication technologies within the context of 5G/6G systems for Machine-Type Communications (e.g., V2X Systems, Mobile Edge Computing);
  • Developing and validating novel Cooperative Perception and Control Solutions for CCAS. Aspect (1) contributes to the broader field of communication systems and Networks. Aspect (2) helps progress the fundamental science of Multi-Agent Systems. Both aspects of our research heavily rely on Information Theory, Machine Learning (ML), and AI.

Our research contributes to several application areas, including Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) in Transport Systems, Intelligent Communication Systems (5G and 6G), and Connected Autonomous Plants (e.g., Manufacturing, Logistics, and Construction).

Focus areas

Talk to us today about our focus areas:

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

Intelligent Communication Systems (5G and 6G)

Connected Autonomous Plants (manufacturing, logistics, and construction)

Recent publications

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