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Engineering Materials and Assembly

Engineering Materials and Assembly Group

The worlds building blocks

The materials group focuses on manufacturing and application. With an overlying theme of lightweight, we aim for “the right material in the right place” approach to design. Our research therefore is material agnostic, and we are not confined to a specific material expertise or assembly method. Instead, how these materials can come together to optimize the final product's design. 

The group manages the joining cell in the IMC workshop. Within which we house joining facilities (SPR, Rivets, RIVTAC, Adhesives, Ultrasonic). Samples can also be aged using our environmental cycle chambers.

Focus areas

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Very Light Rail (VLR)

Our VLR project in Coventry was a pioneering initiative aimed at introducing a new form of sustainable and cost-effective public transportation. The VLR project involves the development of lightweight, energy-efficient rail vehicles designed for urban transit. Coventry was at the forefront of testing and implementing this innovative transportation solution.

  • Material joining

  • Sample preparation and conditioning

  • Simulation

  • Materials and manufacturing

  • Polymer research

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