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Human Factors

Human Factors Group

With people and science in mind

We conduct scientifically rigorous, mixed-methods research to understand human interaction with technology in simulated and real-world settings, informing product design. Our primary focus is on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, exploring both the technology and social aspects like understanding, trust, and public acceptance.

Led by Dr. Roger Woodman, the Human Factors group optimises user interaction with future mobility and related technologies, infrastructure, and policies. As experiential engineering researchers, we analyse how technologies and external behavioral influences impact individuals from concept to implementation.

Our researchers specialise in human behavior, performance analysis, and evaluations. We focus on optimising future mobility concepts by tailoring hardware, software, and societal infrastructure to enhance end-user experience and task efficiency.

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Roger Woodman - Head of Human Factors

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Focus areas

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User Evaluations

Evaluating how people use technology is one of the cornerstones of our work within Human Factors. This can be completed in a simulated environment (i.e. using our 3xD Simulator) or real-world studies. By understanding how people interact with and react to the technology, we can make informed decisions about design.

Public Engagement

We regularly engage with the public, both to capture requirements through focus groups, but also to disseminate our research to a wider audience, including non-expert end users.

In-vehicle Sensing

Understanding vehicle occupants will enable greater driving autonomy. Our research is assessing physiology, biometrics, emotions and eye glance behaviours to infer in real-time aspects such as trust, engagement, distraction, and readiness.

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