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Researchers: Dr Lei (Frank) Zhou

Participants: Primetals Technologies Limited, University of Warwick, University of Manchester

Electromagnetic (EM) sensors are used during steel processing for quality control and property predictions.

The present project aims to establish a predictive approach, based on modelling for the EMspecTM sensor and microstructures of interest, to obtain the ferrite fraction during transformation at elevated temperatures from EMSpecTM sensor measurements. The work will involve the following activities:most recent systems, EMspecTMsensor technology from the University of Manchester, has been licensed and developed for industrial application by Primetals Technology Ltd.

It is currently used in the cooling zone on the run out table of the hot strip mill for monitoring phase transformation. EM models have been developed at WMG for predicting room temperature magnetic properties (for example low field permeability) from steel microstructures, including for different phase fractions. In addition, the variation in low field permeability with temperature has been established for simple ferromagnetic microstructures. EM models to obtain magnetic properties (low field permeability) from EM sensor measurements have also been developed at WMG and the University of Manchester.

  • Modelling of high temperature permeability values for dual phase microstructures.
  • Modelling of the EMspecTM sensor and verification of the model.
  • Modelling for the relationship between sensor output and EM properties for microstructures of interest.
  • Compilation of the outputs into a database for obtaining the ferrite transformed fraction based on input data of the zero crossing frequency, temperature and grade.

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