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Supply Chains Research Group

Supply Chains Research Group

Linking our research with business

At WMG, the Supply Chain Research Group (SCRG) is at the forefront of developing and applying innovative supply chain strategies and practical solutions to boost resilience, increase productivity, improve sustainability, create value, and digitally transform the manufacturing supply chain.  

Collaborating with industrial partners and policymakers, SCRG has significantly helped numerous companies to gain a competitive advantage from its cutting-edge, innovative, and applied research and generated economic, environmental, and societal impact. 

SCRG focuses on industry-driven research and addresses challenges such as sustainability and net-zero, resilience, productivity and digital transformation in present and future supply chains. Working directly with industry partners and policymakers, we assess, design, and deliver supply chain strategies, practical tools and digital solutions that help improve supply chain resilience, sustainability, productivity and transparency. 

Focus areas

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Risk & Resilience

Elevate your supply chain resilience with expert assessment and targeted strategies. From developing resilience tools to strategic decision

support, we guide organizations towards optimized supply chain design and manufacturing locations.


Maximise efficiency and profitability in your supply chain operations with our expert guidance. From optimizing processes to implementing

cutting-edge technologies, we'll help you streamline operations and drive productivity to new heights.


Enhance your business with innovative, sustainable, and circular supply chains. Explore methodologies and tools for achieving Net-Zero

supply chains while assessing sustainability and implementing interventions for circularity.


Embrace digital transformation to revolutionise your supply chain. From leveraging digital twins and blockchain analysis for Net-Zero and resilient supply chains to harnessing AI and Machine Learning for optimal decision-making in Supply Chain 4.0 adoption, our solutions drive efficiency and innovation.

Success stories
Research that generates impact

Explore the solutions that we create and the impact that we generate in response to societal, industrial and environmental challenges.

Supply Chains Research Group - Recent publications

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