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Visualisation Group


About us

Visualisation and multisensory virtual environments enable the real world to be accurately simulated and experienced in a safe, inclusive, and repeatable manner. 

The Visualisation Group’s aim is to provide novel computing solutions to challenging applications, in areas, such as manufacturing, healthcare and cultural heritage. 

We focus on a number of key areas of technology: 

High-fidelity multisensory virtual environments: Accurate simulation of all the senses, visuals, audio, smell, taste, feel, to recreate virtual experiences which are “experience equivalent” to real ones. 

High Dynamic Range imaging: Having the ability to capture, manipulate and deliver the images and content with the full range of lighting in any scene. 

Applications of Computer Vision: Deploying vision solutions for problem-solving in the areas of manufacturing, automation, healthcare and intelligent transportation. 

Human factors: Forming an understanding of human-computer interaction and employing human perception to provide better virtual experiences.  

Focus Areas

Are you a business? Come and talk to us about our focus areas and how we can support you through funded mechanisms -

Multisensory Virtual Experiences

The Visualisation Group has access to some highly novel equipment including a multisensory (visuals, audio, smell, motion and temperature) simulator funded by the EPSRC (Eight Great Technologies Capital Call) and the US Office of Naval Research. 

Virtual Flavour

Virtual flavour research has led to the development of a novel device that can deliver high-fidelity simulations of real flavour experiences. Such a device has the potential to deliver low cost, accurate, personalised Flavour Perception Testing to facilitate screening for neurodegeneration, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s and long COVID. 


Complete pipeline: The Visualisation Group created the world’s first complete HDR video pipeline from capture to display.