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Information for Employers

Partner with us for your Degree Apprenticeships and attract emerging talent or upskill and develop existing staff.

The Apprenticeship Levy has encouraged HR leaders to integrate new career pathways into their recruitment strategy, and it’s paying off. Many companies have looked at how they can make strategic use of their levy fund to upskill and retain existing employees and attract fresh high-calibre talent into the organisation.

Through well-designed Degree Apprenticeship programmes, apprentices can gain not only academic/technical knowledge but also very quickly develop the skills and behaviours they need for their professional development and the future growth of the business.

We work very closely with companies to ensure that we can give apprentices a good and integrated experience and that programmes are current and applicable to the business. Our programmes provide people with the opportunities to develop new skills at work, whilst also studying for a recognised degree from a top 10 UK university.

Developing your workforce

Business benefits of Degree Apprenticeships:

Immediate impact

During the course, apprentices will be encouraged to integrate their studies and their professional practice. They will have work-based assignments to complete, through which they will be asked to consider how they are applying their learning and skills to their work, the impact and how they can improve their practice.

Advanced knowledge

Degree Apprenticeships allow employers to develop employees in specific areas, meaning you are adding to your skills pool. This also empowers your staff with relevant knowledge that aligns with their career goals and therefore greater job satisfaction.

Fill skills gaps

Employers can include Degree Apprenticeships in their talent strategy in several ways. You can use it to upskill and retrain existing staff, which can improve staff retention, or you can recruit new talent into your organisation to fill a skills gap you have identified.

Relevant skills and work-ready staff

As each Degree Apprenticeship is based on a standard agreed upon by a group of employers, the course is specifically designed to develop apprentices with the right knowledge, skills and behaviours that you need.

Commit to diversity

Many research studies show that by having a diverse workforce companies can excel. By recruiting a range of people for your organisation you are showing you are committed to widening participation and diversity.

Learning mindset

Degree Apprenticeships help people develop a learning mindset and more agile thinking, allowing employees to continually grow and contribute fresh perspectives.

Why WMG?

Working with us

We have a dedicated Degree Apprenticeship team who are experienced in delivering effective and efficient support to both employers and apprentices. Our approach is to build a strong partnership with each company. Our relationship managers will work with you to understand your skills requirements and the type of apprentices that you are hoping to recruit or upskill. The better we understand your needs, the better we can ensure that our programmes are fully integrated with the work the apprentices will be doing and the additional learning and development they may require. We can work with you throughout the process of recruiting new employees or identifying internal talent, or simply at any stage you need support.

Once the programme begins, our apprentice tutors will work with your workplace mentors or line managers to ensure all skills and behaviours required by the Degree Apprenticeship standard are being developed by the apprentices.

Our Education team can bring their subjects to life by blending their academic knowledge with their experience in a variety of industry sectors. They are experienced at supporting learners in the workplace to apply what they learn directly back into the company and to develop the skills they need to progress.

Dyson: Featured case study
Developing talented engineers

Dyson approached us to help them create a high-quality Degree Apprenticeship programme to develop talented engineers with the right skill set for the industry. The bespoke, highly technical, BEng degree was co-developed with Dyson engineers and played to our strengths of bridging the gap between industry and academia. Watch our video to find out how the programme is making a difference to their business.


Our team can offer your organisation:

  • A training needs assessment – to ensure we match the skills you need to the appropriate programme and apprenticeship standard
  • Workforce planning – we can help you identify internal candidates for the programme or we can support you to recruit emerging talent
  • Help with recruitment - If you would like us to help with recruitment we can support you by advertising vacancies on our website, sharing on our social media channels and adding to the national Find an Apprenticeship website. We can also assist with reviewing applications and participate in interviews and assessment centres
  • Work-based learning support – to support workplace mentors and line managers we have a suite of materials including training guides and support for employers to implement this within your organisation
  • Design individual training needs assessment – so every apprentice has a personalised learning plan and we can monitor and support them to achieve this
  • Support for learners - support for each learner holistically across their Degree Apprenticeship journey - for example with safeguarding, pastoral care and practical support
  • Conduct regular progress reviews (Tripartite meetings) with the apprentice and their line manager/workplace mentor
  • Additional partnership meetings as and when required to support you with compliance, accessing the levy, understanding the requirements and anything else you would like to discuss

Transformational education programmes

We can partner with you to provide the right programme for your business and to help you maximise the potential of the Government's Apprenticeship Levy. Contact us now for an informal discussion about your requirements.

Why WMG?
Top 10 UK ranked university

With a reputation for excellence in research and teaching, innovation, and links with business and industry, Warwick is one of the leading universities in the UK and a member of the elite Russell Group. As one of the largest departments at Warwick, we are a multidisciplinary department and are known for our innovative academic and industrial collaborations that enable us to provide high-quality applied education and skills that drive productivity and growth.

Warwick is ranked 8th in the UK (The Guardian 2023 League Table)


Learners studying against a Degree Apprenticeship standard


Employer partners


Teaching staff working on Degree Apprenticeships

Royal Mail Group: Featured case study
Educating future leaders

Royal Mail Group chose us to help develop their aspiring next generation of talent and make leaders of the future. Watch our video to find out how our Senior Leader programme is making a difference to their business.


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