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Preparing to study

Reading Lists

You are not expected to do any course specific pre-reading, however writing coherent, persuasive arguments and demonstrating critical analysis is a key skill that you will need on your Master's degree. We support you in developing these skills throughout the year, but is very valuable to prepare yourself in advance. The book ‘Critical Thinking Skills’ by Stella Cottrell is a good resource to help develop these skills, and we would recommend it if you want to do some background reading before the course starts.

Start thinking about your MSc Project

The MSc project is a significant element of your MSc programme, so thinking now about potential subject areas is time well spent. The topic of your project must be relevant to the course that you are registered for and will be your ‘unique selling point’ when applying for jobs after the course. Think about where you want to be in five years, what sort of jobs would help you to get there and what project would help you in that journey. Any background reading and research that helps you form a clearer understanding of potential project areas would be helpful to you while you are waiting for the start of the course.

Prepare for Success

Prepare for Success is an interactive web learning tool for international students who are getting ready to come to the UK for study in further or higher education. It contains learning resources which are activity-based to help you find out about different aspects of academic life in the UK and the skills needed for effective study.