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EGC Online - Aspects of British Culture

In this module, you will learn about the following:

  • The family and relationships in Britain
  • Essential English skills for studying abroad
  • Politics and government
  • Sport in the UK
  • An introduction to British music
  • The media, celebrity and privacy
  • Social class and social mobility
  • Life in the countryside
  • The heritage of Great Britain: an overview
  • The canon of English literature

Asynchronous Input

Each hour of online asynchronous input is accessed by students in their own time, predominantly prior to the live session, and sometimes as a follow-up activity. Access is via the Warwick VLE platform, with participants retaining access to the online materials for up to one year following their completion of the programme.

Synchronous input

Each one-hour live, interactive webinar delivered by a Warwick tutor builds on the asynchronous input and tasks completed by the participants. The webinar is delivered via Microsoft TEAMS and will include all 16 participants, with sub-groups formed for discussion activities and tasks where appropriate. The live webinars are recorded and subsequently made available on the VLE. The timing of sessions will be arranged for the convenience of participants and according to Warwick tutor availability.


Upon successfully completing each of the 10 themed units, participants will receive a University of Warwick Certificate of Completion for each module. A 90% attendance rate is required for successful completion of a module.

If you have any questions, please contact us.