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PhD Students on the Job Market 2016/17

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PhD Students on the Job Market 2016/17

Placement Officer

Prof. Dan Bernhardt

Room: S2.89
Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7652 3470
Email: M dot D dot Bernhardt at warwick dot ac dot uk

Administrative Support

Natalie Deven

Room: S0.90
Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7657 3452
Email: N dot S dot Deven at warwick dot ac dot uk

PhD Candidates

Christina Ammon

Anna Baiardi

Safis Chatzouz

  • Placement Outcome: Researcher at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure / PBL
  • Fields: Macroeconomic Theory, Quantitative Macroeconomics
  • Supervisors: Herakles Polemarchakis, Thijs Van Rens
  • Curriculum Vitae: (PDF Document) CV

Lucio D'Aguanno

  • Placement Outcome: Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics, Warwick
  • Fields: Monetary Economics, International Macroeconomics
  • Supervisors: Dr. Roberto Pancrazi and Marcus Miller
  • Curriculum Vitae: (PDF Document) CV

Stefanos Dimitrakopoulos

Darina Dintcheva

  • Placement Outcome: Teaching Fellow, University of Warwick
  • Fields: Mechanism Design, Political Economy, Economics of Privacy
  • Supervisors: Francesco Squintani
  • Curriculum Vitae: (PDF Document) CV

Monica Giovanniello

  • Fields: Political Economy, Microeconomics, and Applied Theory.
  • Curriculum Vitae: (PDF Document) CV

Andrea Naghi

  • Placement Outcome: Assistant Professor at Erasmus University
  • Fields: Econometrics, Applied Econometrics and Macroeconometrics
  • Curriculum Vitae: CV

Mahnaz Nazneen

Neel Ocean

  • Placement Outcome: Post Doc Exeter University Medical School
  • Fields: Behavioural/Experimental Economics and Economic Pscyhology, Individual Decision Making, Personality and Well-being.
  • Supervisors: Prof. Andrew Oswald and Dr. Daniel Sgroi
  • Curriculum Vitae: (PDF Document) CV

Andis Sofianos

  • Placement Outcome: Postdoctoral esearcher position at Heidelberg University under Joerg Oechssler.
  • Fields: Behavioural Economics and Experimental Economics
  • Supervisors: Prof. Gordon Brown and Prof. Eugenio Proto
  • Curriculum Vitae: (PDF Document) CV

Raghul Venkatesh

  • Placement Outcome: Postdoctoral Researcher in Economics, Aix-Marseille School of Economics
  • Fields: Political Economy, Information Economics and Game Theory
  • Supervisors: Francesco Squintani and Abhinay Muthoo
  • Curriculum Vitae: (PDF Document) CV


Niall Hughes