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2003 publications

The Warwick Economics Research Paper Series (TWERPS)

Recent copies of the Warwick Economics Research Papers are all available on line. Hard copies of earlier papers are available free of charge. If you wish to obtain a copy, please contact Margaret Nash, quoting the Research Paper number.

To access the paper abstract, click on the Research Paper number. To view, download or print the paper itself using Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free from the Adobe site), click on the Research Paper title. If you would prefer to browse through all the abstracts click on the paper number.




693 Learning and Location Joanne Sault, Otto Toivanen and Michael Waterson
692 Higher Education Outcomes, Graduate Employment and University Performance Indicators Massimiliano Bratti, Abigail McKnight, Robin Naylor and Jeremy Smith
691 Laws of Scarcity for a Finite Game: Exact Bounds on Estimations
(Paper to appear in Economic Theory)
Alexander Kovalenkov and Myrna Wooders
690 The KPSS Test with Outliers Jesus Otero and Jeremy Smith
689 Networks and Farsighted Stability Frank H Page and Myrna Wooders
688 Decentralised Job matching Guillaume Haeringer and Myrna Wooders
687 Conformity and Bounded Rationality in Games with many Players Edward Cartwright and Myrna Wooders
686 On Equilibrium in Pure Strategies in Games with many Players Edward Cartwright and Myrna Wooders
685 Unhappiness and Crime: Evidence from South Africa Nattavudh Powdthavee
684 Imitation and the Emergence of Nash Equilibrium Play in Games with many Players Edward Cartwright
683 Viable Tax Constitutions Carlo Perroni and Kimberley A.Scharf
682 Social Conformity in Games with Many Players Myrna Wooders, Edward Cartwright, and Reinhard Selten


Dynamic Price Competition with Price Adjustment Costs and Product Differentiation

Gianluigi Vernasca


Fiscal Interactions Among European Countries

Michela Redoano


Consumers and Competition

Michael Waterson


The Utility of the Voting Power Approach

Dennis Leech


Chain-Store Pricing for Strategic Accommodation

Paul W. Dobson and Michael Waterson


The Impacts of Liberalisation on a Brazilian Air Shuttle Market

Alessandro V.M. Oliveira


Is the Structure of Happiness Equations the Same in Poor and Rich Countries? the Case for South Africa

Nattavudh Powdthavee


Does Centralization Affect the Number and Size of Lobbies

Michela Redoano


Analytical Results for a Model of Periodic Consumption

Clare Kelly and Gauthier Lanot


Social Conformity and Bounded Rationality in Arbitrary Games with Incomplete Information

Edward Cartwright and Myrna Wooders


Learning to Play Approximate Nash Equilibria in Games with Many Players

Edward Cartwright


Information Aggregation, Costly Voting and Common Values

Sayantan Ghosal and Ben Lockwood


Representing Games as Coalition Production Economies with Public goods

Antoni Meseguer-Artola,
Myrna Holtz Wooders and
Juan-Enrique Martinez-Legaz


Hotelling Tax Competition

Myrna Wooders and Ben Zissimos


Candidate Stability and Probabilistic Voting Procedures

Carmelo Rodriguez-Alvarez


Candidate Stability and Voting Correspondences

Carmelo Rodriguez-Alvarez


Optimum Currency Area Indices: Evidence from the 1990's

Roman Horvath and Lubos Komarek


Dynamic of Banking Technology Adoption: An Application to Internet Banking

Yoonhee Tina Chang


The Performace of SETAR Models: A Regime Conditional Evaluation of Point, Interval and Density Forecasts

Gianna Boero and
Emanuela Marrocu


How Much Did the Soviets Really Spend on Defence? New Evidence from the close of the Breznev Era

Mark Harrison


Market Structure and Entry in Fast Food

Joanne Sault, Otto Toivanen and Michael Waterson