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Professor Bhaskar Dutta

Recent Publications and Working Papers
  • Minimum Cost Arborescenses, Games and Economic Behavior, 2012 (written with Debasis Mishra) - arbor
  • Formation of Networks and Coalitions, 2010 (written with Francis Bloch), Handbook of Social Economics, edited by J.Benhabib, A.Bisin and M. Jackson- netsurvey
  • Nash Implementation with Partially Honest Individuals, Games and Economic Behavior, 2012 (written with Arunava Sen)-honesty
  • Child Labor and Household Wealth: Theory and Empirical Evidence of an Inverted U, (written with Kaushik Basu and Sanghamitra Das), Journal of Development Economics, 2010 - child.pdf
  • Externalities, Potential, Value and Consistency, Journal of Economic Theory, 2010, (written with Lars Ehlers and Anirban Kar) -shapley
  • Some Remarks on the Ranking of Infinite Utility Streams, in Arguments of a Better World:Essays in Honour of Amartya Sen, edited by Kaushik Basu and Ravi Kanbur, Oxford University Press, Oxford. - pdf file
  • Electoral Goals and Center-State Transfers: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Evidence from India, Journal of Development Economics, 2009 (with W.Arulampalam, S.Dasgupta and A.Dhillon)- pdf file
  • Communication Networks with Endogenous Link Strength, Games and Economic Behavior, 2009 (with Francis Bloch)- pdf file
  • Correlated Equilibria, Incomplete Information and Coalitional Deviations, Games and Economic Behavior, 2009 (written with Francis Bloch). correlated
  • Local Network Externalities and Market Segmentation, International Journal of Industrial Organisation, 2009 (with A.Banerji) - segmentation
  • Markets with Bilateral Bargaining and Incomplete Information, 2007 (written with Kalyan Chatterje).-pdf file
  • Strategy-proof Cardinal Decision Schemes, Social Choice and Welfare, 2007. (written with H.Peters and Arunava Sen)
  • Approval Voting: Three Examples, International Journal of Game Theory, 2006(with Francesco De Sinopli and Jean Francois Laslier), -pdf file 
  • Incomplete Information, Credibility and the Core, Mathematical Social Sciences, 2005 (with Rajiv Vohra)- pdf file
  • Farsighted Network Formation, Journal of Economic Theory, Vo. 122, 2005 (with S.Ghosal and D.Ray)- pdf file
  • The Banks Set and the Uncovered Set in Budget Allocation Problems, in D.Austen-Smith and J.Duggan (edited) Social Choice and Strategy, Springer, 2004 (with M. le Breton and M. Jackson) - pdf file
  • Equilibrium Agenda Formation, Social Choice and Welfare, 2004. (with M.Jackson and M.Le Breton) - pdf file
  • Cost Monotonicity, Consistency and Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Games, Games and Economic Behavior, 2004. (with Anirban Kar). -pdf file
  • Poverty, Inequality and Welfare, 2002, in K.J. Arrow, Amartya Sen and K.Suzumura (edited) Handbook of Social Choice Theory, North Holland.
  • Strategyproof Probabilistic Mechanisms in Economies with Pure Public Goods, Journal of Economic Theory,   2002(with Hans Peters and Arunava Sen)
  • Voting by Successive Elimination and Strategic Candidacy, Journal of Economic Theory, 2002 (with M.Jackson and M.Le Breton).
  • Strategic Candidacy and Voting Procedures, Econometrica, 2001 (with M.Jackson and M.Le Breton).
  • Strategyproofness of Multivalued Social Choice Procedures, Journal of Economic Theory, 2001 (with S. Barbera and Arunava Sen).