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PhD Job Market Candidates - admin

    Candidate 1

    Jose Rowell Corpuz

    Economic History, Development Economics

    Nicholas Crafts, James Fenske, Michael Waterson

    Competition and Rent-Seeking During the Slave Trade

    Approved, Active

    Candidate 2

    Andreas Ferrara

    Labor Economics, Economic History

    Sascha O. Becker, Price V. Fishback, Luigi Pascali, James Fenske

    World War II and African American Socioeconomic Progress

    Approved, Active

    Candidate 3

    Davit Khantadze

    Information Economics, Game Theory

    Ilan Kremer, Motty Perry, Dan Bernhardt, Phil Reny

    Two-Dimensional Information Design

    Approved, Active

    Candidate 4

    Nika Koreli

    Corporate FInance, Information Economics, Contract Theory.

    Herakles Polemarchakis and Motty Perry

    Optimal strategic default and investment

    Approved, Active

    Candidate 5

    Eric Melander

    Applied Microeconomics, Economic History and Empirical Political Economy

    Sascha O. Becker

    Mobility and Mobilisation: Railways and the Spread of Social Movements

    Approved, Active