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Subhasish Dey

Subhasish Dey

Contact details

Telephone: +44(0)2476528040

Email: Subhasish dot Dey at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S2.103

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Wednesday: 16:00-18:00

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Associate Professor

I am an Associate Professor and Director of UG Student Opportunities in the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick. I joined Warwick University in January 2019. Before joining here I was an Associate Lecturer in the Economics Department of the University of York (May 2017 to December 2018) and a Lecturer in the faculty of Economics at New College of the Humanities, London (September 2016 to April 2017). I completed my PhD in Economics from the University of Manchester in July 2016.

Research Interests

  • Applied Microeconometrics
  • Development Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Social Protection and Social Policy
  • Impact Evaluation


  • Ph.D. In Economics (University of Manchester)
  • MA in Development Studies (ISS, The Hague under Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • MSc in Economics (University of Calcutta)


EC106 Introduction to Economics- UG1 (Module Leader)

EC310 Topics In Development Economics-UG3 (Module Leader)

EC331 Research in Applied Economics-UG3 ( Tutor)

EC202 Microeconomics 2-UG2 (Tutor)

EC233 Development Economics (Microeconomics)-UG2 (Tutor)

EC961 Introductory Mathematics and Statistics-MSc (Tutor)

EC902: Quantitative Methods: Econometrics A-MSc (Tutor)

EC910: Quantitative Methods: Econometrics B-MSc (Tutor)

EC959: MSc Dissertation (Dissertation Supervisor)

Teaching Award and Achievement:

University Level Best Teaching Award (2015 at University of Manchester); Supervisor of the Year Award (Nominated, 2018 at University of York); Supervisor of the "Best UG Dissertation" (Divya Sridhar-2019), "Best MSc Dissertation" (Tanisha Ghosal and Lynette Agius-2020)

Admin Role:

  • Director of UG Student Opportunities
  • Organiser of Department's weekly "Teaching and Learning Seminar Series"
  • Member of GTA Hiring Committee
  • Mentoring support for Teaching Fellows.

Journal Publications and R&R

  1. Dey, Subhasish and Akseer Hussain (2021): Revisiting Environmental Kuznets Curve With HDI: New Evidence from Cross Country Panel Data, Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy, DOI: 10.1080/21606544.2021.1880486 
  2. Dey, Subhasish, Ritanjan Das and Ranjita Neogi (2021): Across the Stolen Ponds: The Political Geography of Social Welfare in Rural Eastern India, (World Development, Volume 146, 2021), DOI: 10.1016/j.worlddev.2021.105544
  3. Dey, Subhasish; Jessie Davidson (2021): The Determinants of Non-Covid-19 Excess Deaths During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Cross Country Panel Study (Studies in Microeconomics). DOI: 
  4. Dey, Subhasish, and Anirban Kundu (2020): Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan: Putting the cart before the horse. Ideas for India July 2020
  5. Ghosh, Saikat and Subhasis Dey (2020): Public or Private? Determinants of Parents’ Preschool Choice in India, International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy, ICEP (2020) 14:3 DOI:
  6. Dey, Subhasish, Katsushi Imai (2020): Workfare as “Collateral”: The case of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, India, Economics Discussion Paper 1412, University of Manchester (R&R World Development)
  7. Dey, Subhasish, Kunal Sen (2020): Do Political Parties Practise Partisan Alignment in Social Welfare Spending? Evidence from Village Council Election in India, (R&R Economic Development and Cultural Change)
  8. Dey, Subhasish, and Kunal Sen (2016): Do Gram Panchayat leaders favour their own constituencies in MNREGA fund allocation? Ideas for India December 2016.
  9. Dey, Subhasish (2014): Can MNREGA improve the creditworthiness of participating households? Ideas for India, The Economics and Policy Portal of International Growth Centre, India (Central).
  10. Dey, Subhasish, Arjun Bedi (2010): The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Birbhum, Economic and Political Weekly October 9, 2010, Vol. XLV No. 41

Submitted and Completed Paper

  • Dey, Subhasish and Tanisha Ghosal (2021): Can Conditional Cash Transfer Defer Child Marriage?Impact of Kanyashree Prakalpa in West Bengal, India, Warwick Economics Research Papers No: 1333
  • Dey, Subhasish and Vidhya Unnikrishnan (2021): Political Meddling in Social Assistance Programme: Panel data evidence from India (Submitted)
  • Dey, Subhasish, Arjun Bedi (2020): Falling Clientelism or Regime-Change Effect? Benefit Incidence of India’s Employment Guarantee Programme: A Panel Data Analysis. (Submitted)
  • Ghosh, Saikat and Subhasis Dey (2018): Red-shirting or Green-shirting? Does the entry age of pre-school matter in the later educational and social development of children? (Submitted)
  • Chatterjee, Poulami, and Subhasish Dey (2018): Does routine immunization affect cognitive achievements? Panel Data Evidence from India. (Submitted)
  • Hussain, Akseer and Subhasish Dey (2020): Revisiting Feminisation U-Hypothesis with HDI: New Evidence from Cross Country Panel Data (Submitted)
  • Bandyopadhyay, Anwesha; Subhasish Dey; Pushkar Maitra (2018): Affirmative Action and Quality of Governance: Evidence from Utilization of Funds in Village Councils of India. (First draft ready)
  • Huang, Jinying and Subhasish Dey (2019): Impact of Chinese ‘New Rural Social Pension (NRSP)’ on intergenerational transfer and overall welfare. (First draft ready)
  • Bastaki, Khaled and Subhasish Dey (2020): Does Partisan Politics Affect Crime Incidence? Evidence from US States (First draft ready)
  • Sanjay, Aditi and Subhasish Dey (2020): Does a Legal Ban on Pre-Natal Sex Determination Improve Female Educational Attainment? : Evidence from India (First draft ready)