There are lots of exciting events happening within the Law School. Plus there are many other University and external events which may be of interest. We have therefore collated them all into one central calendar to help you choose which you would like to attend.

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Wed 29 Mar, '23
Inspiring Women Networking Cafe Launch Event: The Power of Connecting Inspiring Women
University House Atrium

We’d like to invite you to the launch of the Inspiring Women at Warwick Networking Cafe. This will seek to raise the profile of the good work taking place at Warwick on increasing gender equity and also provide a platform for networking and collaboration.

The event will be introduced by Rachel Sandby-Thomas, followed by keynote speaker Professor Kiran Trehan of the University of York, who will talk about the power of connecting inspiring women. The event will highlight each of the individuals and teams recognised by the recent Warwick Gender Equality Awards, with a brief description of their contribution. This will be followed by networking over tea, coffee and pastries meet colleagues and find out more about their gender equality projects.

Wed 19 Apr, '23
Public Engagement Masterclass: Talking Research to the Public

A relaxed, interactive workshop giving you tips, tricks and knowledge on the best (& worst) ways to present research, or other academic work, when you're looking to engage with public audiences. This workshop is perfect for anyone involved with public engagement events like Pint of Science or Resonate Lates.

Thu 11 May, '23
Public Engagement Masterclass for students: Short Talk, Lasting Impression

Being able to describe what you do and why is an essential skill and this workshop will help you take your communication to the next level. Science Communicator and previous international 3MT winner Dr Jamie Gallagher will show you how to turn research into the most interesting, engaging and memorable presentation possible. Discover the hints and tips that will make your talk stand out from the crowd and how to banish nerves to give a confident performance.

Fri 12 May, '23
Public Engagement Masterclass: Sharing your work with the public

This workshop will guide you through the ways to create engaging talks, videos, podcasts, activities and shows based on your research or your area of work. Through exercises and interaction participants will gain understanding of how to communicate more effectively whatever the setting. Ideal for groups or individuals working towards an event or looking for new ideas to share their work.

Wed 21 Jun, '23
Public Engagement Masterclass: Maths Busking

Engage new audiences of all ages with the wonders of mathematics by joining our training to become a maths busker. Maths busking is the art of using street performance that surprises and delights passers by with entertaining routines deep rooted in maths.


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