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Course Materials 2015/16

Course Booklet for Spring Term 2016

Guidance on Writing Essays

Lecture 1 on Schopenhauer

Lecture 2 on Schopenhauer

Lecture 3 on Schopenhauer

Lecture 4 on Schopenhauer

Lecture 5 on Schopenhauer

Lecture 6: Nietzsche's Reception of Schopenhauer

The Birth of Tragedy Lecture 1

The Birth of Tragedy Lecture 2

Nietzsche on History and Life

Introduction to Nietzsche's Middle Period

Nietzsche on the Death of God and Nihilism

Nietzsche on Eternal Recurrence: GS 341 and the Cosmology

Nietzsche's 1881 Notes on Eternal Recurrence

Introduction to Nietzsche's Genealogy

Genealogy and the Will to Power

Nietzsche on Bad Conscience and Guilt: GM II

Nietzsche on Christ and Epicurus

Lecture on Zarathustra and Redemption


Week 1

Introduction to Schopenhauer

Schopenhauer on the World as Will and the Suffering of Life

Reading: The Essential Schopenhauer, chapters 1, 3, 6.

Week 2

Schopenhauer on Art and the Aesthetic

Schopenhauer on Compassion

Reading:Essential Schopenhauer 8, 9, 10

Essential Schopenhauer, 17.

Week 3

Schopenhauer on Mysticism and Asceticism

Schopenhauer on Suicide and Death

Reading: Essential Schopenhauer, 14, 19, 20.

Week 4

Nietzsche on Schopenhauer

Nietzsche on Art and Tragedy

Reading: The Birth of Tragedy (see The Nietzsche Reader)

Week 5

Nietzsche on History and Life

Introduction to the Middle Period Nietzsche


On the Utility and Liability of History for Life (see The Nietzsche Reader)

Schopenhauer as Educator & Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks (see The Nietzsche Reader)

Week 6 Reading Week

Week 7

Nietzsche on Naturalising Humanity & the death of God

Nietzsche on the Eternal Return


Human, all too Human, Section 1: 'Of First and Last Things'.

The Gay Science, 108-112, 125, 343.

The Gay Science 276-277 & 340-341 (see The Nietzsche Reader)

Week 8

Nietzsche and Genealogy

Bad Conscience and Beyond Guilt

Reading: On the Genealogy of Morality Essay II (see The Nietzsche Reader)

Week 9

Zarathustra's Teachings

Reading: Thus Spoke Zarathustra (see The Nietzsche Reader)

Week 10

Nietzsche on Religion: Christ & Epicurus

Reading: The Anti-Christ (see The Nietzsche Reader)


Vandenabeele on Schop and Art

Vandenabeele on Schop and the Sublime

Neill on Schop and Aesthetic Experience

Wicks on Beauty in Schopenhauer

Welchman on Schopenhauer's Moral Philosophy

Welchman on Schopenhauer and Compassion

On Suicide in Schopenhauer

Buddhism and Schopenhauer

Han-Pile on the Metaphysics of the Birth of Tragedy

Bambach on Nietzsche and Early essay on History

Cartwright on Schopenhauer and Compassion

von Tevenar on Pity and Compassion

Pippin on The Gay Science


Bambach on the Madman and the Death of God

Pippin on the Death of God

Amor Fati (CPR article)

Stern on amor fati

Nietzsche and Amor Fati (Han-Pile)

Paul Loeb on GS 341

Eric Oger as the Test of Eternal Return

Risse on the Bad Conscience

Introduction to 'Zarathustra' (Robert Pippin)

Heidegger, Who is Nietzsche's Zarathustra?

Paul Loeb on Time and Power over Time in Zarathustra

Conway on Nietzsche and Decadence

Bernheimer on Nietzsche and Decadence