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Inequalities & Social Change (ISC)

Inequalities and Social Change (ICS)
This theme houses empirical and theoretical work on race and racism, gender, sexism, sexuality, queer sociology, gender and race, activism and social movements, animal studies, sociology of education, interdisciplinary methods to study social change and inequality, social stratification and quantitative methods, and feminist criminology.


Name Description
Educational Pathways and Work Outcomes of Disabled Young People in England Focussing on educational and occupational pathways of disabled youth in contemporary England.
Fugitive Practice in a Melancholy Europe What happens when Black women attempt to flee the category of the human.
Gender and austerity A unique insight on gender and austerity and the impacts of changing forms of gender inequality among new-parents.
Growing Up Free of Violence and Abuse Working to build resilience and strengthen children who have lived with domestic violence.
Health Inequalities in Lozells An analysis of Provision and its impact on community well-being.
Open City How London accommodates new forms of urban life, through the social reconfiguration of its spaces and places.
Ordinary Women in Extraordinary Times Female Combatants, Political Protest and the Unfinished Process of Peacebuilding in South Africa.
Qualify Unification in Europe for Shifting Trust (QUEST) A comparative research on Muslims responses to the politics of threat in France, UK, Spain and Norway.
Sexual Violence in the Lives of Black and Minority Ethnic Women Understanding experiences of sexual violence and the contexts in which it occurs for BMW women and girls.
Shaping inter-species connectedness Training cultures and the emergence of new forms of human-animal relations.
Social status and prosociality Providing reliable empirical evidence on the relationship between social status and prosociality.
The Diaspora Strikes Back Lived religion, arts and activism among Sikh and Muslim millennials in Europe.
The Imagineerium Initiative for PHF Evaluation of: More and Better Funding strand: re. strengthening and sharing evidence.
They are all ‘inclusion champions’ An investigation into universities’ organisational commitments to inclusion in the UK higher education sector
Transforming Responses to Service Users with Multiple, Complex Needs A Systems Review of service responses to those facing multiple disadvantage and with complex needs.
Violence, Abuse and Mental Health: Opportunities for Change Understanding, preventing and reducing the impact of violence and abuse on mental health.
Women of Colour Resist Examining how women of colour activists strategise, organise and undertake their grassroots activism.