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China News: Can sniffer dogs sniff the new coronavirus

Professor Lawrence Young of University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, said: "The research on this demonstrative concept shows that trained sniffer dogs can be used in airports, stadiums, and concert venues. But the biggest problem is [...] can this method be effective on people in the real world?"

Wed 26 May 2021, 12:45 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

Deutsche Welle Chinese: Miscarriage, a neglected female health problem in the pandemic

The latest research report shows that more than 10% of women in the world have had the unfortunate experience of accidental miscarriage, and black women have a higher risk of this. The pandemic has worsened it. Deutsche Welle interviewed Professor Quinby, Warwick Medical School, one of the authors of the research report.

Tue 18 May 2021, 15:41 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

Sina: How did the incredibly powerful magnetic field of white dwarfs come from?

Astronomers at the University of Warwick have co-authored a new study in Nature-Astronomy, which proposes a solution to the long-standing problem of how white dwarfs generate magnetic fields: a dynamic mechanism similar to how the earth generates magnetic fields. This research shows that sometimes very similar mechanisms can work in very different celestial bodies.

Tue 11 May 2021, 14:21 | Tags: expert comment, coverage

eBio Trade: Experts call for a comprehensive reform of abortion care

New research shows that miscarriage, which affects one in ten women in the world, is often minimised in society. Professor Siobhan Quenby, Warwick Medical School, was involved in the study and is quoted here.

Thu 29 Apr 2021, 11:16 | Tags: expert comment, coverage

eBio Trade: The mechanism by which stem cell depletion leads to recurrent miscarriage

According to a study published in the journal Stem Cells, the depletion of certain types of stem cells in the endometrium during pregnancy may be an important factor leading to miscarriage. The study was conducted by researchers at Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK. They reported how the loss of decidual precursor cells before pregnancy can lead to recurrent miscarriages.

"This increases the possibility of using them to prevent pregnancy disorders," said corresponding author Jan J. Brosens, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Warwick Medical School (WMS).

Fri 16 Apr 2021, 13:37 | Tags: expert comment, coverage

Scientific American Chinese: Is universal vaccine not enough to end coronavirus?

The paper from "The Lancet-Infectious Diseases" is a model study led by scholars from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom (led by Prof Matt Keeling). Based on British epidemiological data, it analyzes the spread of vaccines and non-pharmaceutical interventions on the spread of new coronavirus.

Thu 25 Mar 2021, 14:13 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

Sina: 'Three cases of mutated new coronavirus infection'

"We are working with partners around the world to detect and mitigate the impact of variants." said Lawrence, a virologist at the University of Warwick. He said: "This discovery shows that we have not yet come out of the predicament, we need to continue to detect and track, and eliminate the inevitable local outbreaks."

Thu 25 Mar 2021, 11:42 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

Sina: Brazil’s new COVID variant in the UK

"You can either ban it or you can't help it all," said Lawrence Young, a virologist at the University of Warwick School of Medicine in the UK. "For more than a year, what we have been worrying about is border control, because during the first wave and the second wave, we learned from the new coronavirus gene sequencing that most of the patients infected with the new crown virus who entered the UK were People who have returned from a trip to the European continent." (March 2021)

Fri 05 Mar 2021, 11:02 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

Xinhua: UK deaths from COVID19 rise to 90,000

Chinese news agency Xinhua quotes Warwick's Professor Lawrence Young in its French language edition: "It is now important to evaluate the neutralizing power of the antibodies generated by the vaccination against the variants of the virus and to study the immune response of the individuals infected with the variants" (January 2021)

Fri 22 Jan 2021, 15:28 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

CGTN: Wearing a community mask is 'better' for everyday use, says researcher

Dr Leandro Pecchia, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Warwick says the general population should be using so-called 'community masks' in an interview on Chinese broadcaster CGTN Europe. (January 2021)

Fri 22 Jan 2021, 12:45 | Tags: expert comment, coverage, COVID19

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