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Cavitation Symposium

WIMRC Forum 2006 & 3rd AC21 Research Festival

Cavitation in Turbo-machinery & Medical Applications

Room 004, University of Warwick's International Manufacturing Centre (IMC)

International One Day Symposium

Monday 3rd July, 2006

A Free Day of Lectures.
This was a non-profit-making event

This event addressed recent progress in cavitation research, with particular reference to the effects of cavitation in turbo-machinery and its effects within medical applications. The technical issues of the world’s largest turbines, installed in the Three Gorge Power Station (China), were addressed at the forum for the first time since it was commissioned in 2005.

Lectures were given by invited speakers, from prestigious Universities and Industries from around the world. The morning lectures covered cavitation in turbo-machinery, followed by a complimentary buffet lunch. The afternoon lectures covered cavitation in medical applications, followed by a poster session to promote the exchange of ideas and information, and to foster collaborations.


Top left: Prof Chris Brennan, Caltech. Top right: Prof Y Matsumoto, Tokyo
Left: Prof Eduardo Egusquiza, Barcelona & Professor Stuart Palmer, Deputy Vice Chancellor

Who attended?

This symposium was attended by scientists and engineers from manufacturers, universities, research institutes, consultancy firms, industries and other institutions. Short papers in these two fields of research, were displayed on posters.

For queries, please telephone 02476 572695 or email Miss Valerie Saker, indicating your name, title, organisation, phone number and e-mail.