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IIPSI Free Workshops

IIPSI are offering SMEs the chance to to explore in more detail some of the toolkits, technologies, processes and ideas that could benefit their businesses in four new free workshops.

Person Centred Innovation (22 November, 2012)

An interactive day helping you look at how you can innovate by better understanding your customer groups. It will cover:
• Introduction to Experience Led Innovation Toolkit
• Product Perception
• Designing for User Experience
• Design for Emotion

Click here to register for 22 November

Digital to Physical (27 November and 4 December)

A hands on day helping you identify how the latest technology in rapid manufacture can support the development of your products and services. It will cover:
• Physical to Digital (Laser Scanning)
• Digital to Physical (Prototyping)
• Low volume manufacturing (Bridging the gap between prototyping and production)
• Adding functionality (Plastic and Printed Electronics)

Click here to register for 27 November
Click here to register for 4 December

Social Media for Business Use (29 November)

An interactive day exploring the latest social media tools and platforms and how they can be used for both B2B and B2C focussed SMEs. The session will cover:

• Social Media for rich media e.g. images and video, covering YouTube, Pinterest etc
• New tools for LinkedIn
• Facebook for Business
• Location based services, e.g. 4Square and Google +

Click here to registerfor 29 November

Cloud for Business (11 December)

An interactive day exploring how cloud based apps can be adapted and implemented to manage a range of business functions.

Full agenda to follow very shortly.

Click here to register for 11 December