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Philosophy: Problems, Aims Responsibilities

16-18 September 2004, New Mathematics Building, University of Warwick

The conference marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Karl Popper and also the 70th anniversary of the publication (in the autumn of 1934) of his greatest book, Logik der Forschung.


Mariano Artigas (University of Navarre)

Science and Creativity in the Philosophy of Karl Popper

Richard Bailey (Canterbury Christ Church University College)

Education and the Extended Mind: Popper, the Third World and the Human Cognitive Revolution

Alain Boyer (University of Paris IV (Sorbonne))

Is an Open Society a Just Society? Popper and Rawls

Otàvio Bueno (University of South Carolina)

Realism and Truth in The Logic of Scientific Discovery

Edgar Morscher (University of Salzburg)

World 3, Truth, and Logic

Meera Nanda

'Tolerance' as a Source of Ignorance in India: How
Postmodernism Aids the Hindu Orthodoxy


Nick Mann (University of Warwick)

John Allen (Lund Universty), and Douglas Kell (UMIST)

Data Mining and Fishing Trips in the Empirical Sciences

It is intended to hold the Symposium on Data Mining before lunch on Friday September 17th. Professor Artigas will give his lecture after lunch on that day.

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