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Scavengers - WIN £1,000!

Performance artist Joshua Sofaer's ten hour scavenger hunt is your chance to WIN £1,000 CASH PRIZE!

Joshua's gone a bit Anneka Rice and devised the ultimate scavenger hunt. With only 10 hours, 100 clues and the whole of Coventry city centre as your hunting ground, it's time to pack your A-Z, find up to three friends and race down to the Herbert Art Gallery.

A fun, exciting and creative day out, Scavengers is an event where literally the winner takes all. Each clue is worth points and points mean prizes! Expect to complete the day with all kinds of weird and wonderful things from a fried egg to a sandcastle! The team with the most points wins £1,000 cash.

The objects that are collected from each team form a one-day exhibition the following day at the Herbert Art Gallery.

Sat - Scavenger Hunt
Sun - Exhibition

Cost: £10.00