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UNion Democracy: Postgrad AGM

Democracy is a key part of ensuring the Union caters and speaks for its students. Anyone can get involved in shaping Union policy by participation in the four main union processes:

Referenda - if you have an issue on which you feel the union should act, gather 150 signatures across campus, and the issue will be put to a campus-wide ballot. If 10% of the student body vote, the outcome becomes part of union policy.

General Meeting - All-inclusive gatherings, where the core of union policies are decided. You can ask an elected union officer to pose a question for you.

Union Council - meetings of the union officers elected last year; meets frequently and passes most of what the union says and does. for this reason, its important to keep up with what is said in this meeting, as anything that you disagree with can be overidden with a referendum.

Executive Committees - small groups of elected members; this is where the day-to-day descisions are made.

As a postgrad student, you can get involved at all levels of union democracy. In front of the AGM, state your case for the post you want, and if you get in you can start reprenting your peers immediately, either as a councillor or committee member.

For further details, visit the sUnion Website.