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Mathematics Interdisciplinary Research Day - Brief Encounters in All Probability

The fifth in an ESRC and MIR@W-supported series on Socio-Dynamics, whose aim is to cross-fertilise between social sciences and mathematics (including statistics and physics), especially in the area of dynamic self-organising systems. The purpose this time is to enlarge the debate from economics, business and finance to sociology, social policy, politics and geography. We hope that the workshop will be interactive and informal with comment and discussion interspersed. To establish some common ground, Philip Ball's article "Utopia Theory" (Physics World, October 2003, pp.29-33, is recommended as prior reading. A final conference will take place in London 9-11 May 2005.

Venue:  Lecture Room B3.02, Warwick Mathematics Institute, Main Campus, University of Warwick
Date:     Monday 24 January 2005
Time:    14.30pm - 17.45pm (Wine and snacks in the Common Room)
Dept:    Mathematics Interdisciplinary Research

Organisers: Robert MacKay (Mathematics, Warwick) and Graham Room (Social Policy, Bath).

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