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One World Week Forum Event: Is Foreign Aid Effective?

In the 21st century, despite more global resources than ever before, 30,000 children die every day. Recent publicity campaigns, such as Make Poverty History have highlighted the situation. But should we pat ourselves on the back every time we buy a wrist-band or donate some money? How much of an effect does this aid actually have? What can be done to make it more effective? And does the developed world always follow the policies that will most benefit developing nations? A variety of viewpoints will be represented at this in-depth discussion, from well-known journalists and academics to agencies like Transparency International and DFID, combining to create a fresh and innovative approach to this perennially vital subject.

Speakers for this talk include:

  • Professor Kent Jones. Professor of Economics, Babson College
  • Mr. David Loyn, Developing World Correspondent, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
  • Ms. Catherine Woollard, Senior Programme Manager, Transparency International
  • Mr. Sam Sharpe, Head of Development Effectiveness, DFID
  • Mr. Nicholas You, Special Adviser to the Executive Director, United Nations Human Settlements Programme

Date: Tuesday 17 January 2006
Time: 18:00
Venue: Arts Centre Conference Room