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HRC Interdisciplinary Conference

HRC Interdisciplinary Conference: Writing Class: Representations of Working-Class Spaces in Modern Britain

Date: Saturday 6 May 2006

Time: 10:00-18:00

Venue: Humanities Building

Cost: £10 students / £20 staff

This one-day interdisciplinary conference aims to bring together academics working on the concept of class. The central premise is to look at the ways in which working-class spaces are written, represented and inhabited: by writers, historians, literary critics, sociologists, geographers and the British working-classes themselves. Broadly, it seeks to consider real, imagined and textual spaces, the way in which certain spaces are designated (or read) as working-class spaces, and how identity and subjectivity for the classed individual may be managed through a reading of one’s space.

Keynote speakers: Prof Valerie Walkerdine (School of Social Sciences, Cardiff) and Prof Bev Skeggs (Sociology, Goldsmiths) Other speakers: Dr Ian Haywood (English, Roehampton), Dr Graeme McDonald (English, Warwick), Dr Ruth Livesey (English, Royal Holloway) and Dr John Kirk (Working Lives Research Institute, London Metropolitan).

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