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What is Philosophy?

What is Philosophy?

One-Day Symposium, University of Warwick.  10am-6pm, Saturday 24 June

What is Philosophy?, first published in 1991, was Deleuze and Guattari's final collaborative text. The book elaborates a theory of philosophical practice that concentrates on the creative activity of philosophy with close attention given to the method of creating concepts.

Within the book they argue that philosophy maintains an active and dynamic relationship with the non-philosophical traditions of science and art. They seek to elaborate the creative operations of science and art in order to explicate what it is that philosophy can learn from these disciplines.

For Deleuze and Guattari the task of philosophy is nothing less than creative pedagogy associated with concept creation. Fifteen years after its initial publication in France, this one-day symposium which will bring together a philosopher, an artist and a scientist, to critically discuss the implications of the different models proposed in this important philosophical work.

This symposium will bring together two philosophers Professor Keith Ansell Pearson (Warwick) & Professor Howard Caygill (Goldsmiths), an artist (Jake Chapman of the Chapman Brothers) and a scientist (Professor Ian Stewart, mathematician and author of The Collapse of Chaos and Does God Play Dice? (Warwick), to explore and discuss the different modes of practice with which they are creatively engaged in their own field of expertise.

One of the aims of the symposium will be to critically relate these accounts of practice to the models proposed by Deleuze and Guattari in What is Philosophy?

Each speaker will give an hour-long presentation followed by a response from a specialist in the field of philosophy Greg Hunt (Warwick) on the philosophy of science and Stephen Zepke (Viennna) on the philosophy of art, after which the floor will be given over to discussion.

The Symposium will be opened by Professor Nigel Thrift, who is currently Professor of Geography and Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research at Oxford University, but who will soon take up the position of the new Vice-Chancellor at Warwick University starting July 2006. All welcome. For more information please email

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Waged £15
Unwaged £10
Conference fee includes tea and coffee.