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University Drama Production - Capulets and Montagues

Date: Friday 25 and Saturday 26 August 2006

Time: 7:30

Venue: George Bernard Shaw Theatre, Malet St, London

Cost: £5

A cast of students from the University of Warwick and the Shakespeare Institute of the University of Birmingham will perform their ensemble production of the Spanish Golden Age play in the Dell, originally staged in Stratford-upon-Avon as part of the Complete Works Festival Fringe.

Capulets and Montagues shares the same Italian source as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, but is a light-hearted, playful treatment of the story – a comic twist on the familiar Shakespearean tragedy. Rarely performed since the seventeenth century, the play is a whirl of masquerade, love, music and comedy, tied into a satirical look at the conflict, in rural feudal Spain, between love, family and honour.

The production is staged by the CAPITAL Centre (Creativity and Performance in Teaching and Learning), a new and unique collaboration between the Royal Shakespeare Company and the University of Warwick, which aims to use theatre skills and experience to enhance student learning and to draw on University research and resources to shape the development of the RSC acting companies.

Tickets are available from the theatre box office 020 7908 4800

Contact Susan Brock at or ext 50067.