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Warwick Uni All Stars Vs Old Bill Villains FC

Get along to the Westwood Outdoor Pitches at 11:30 on Sat 7 October to support the Warwick Uni All Stars football team.

The Warwick staff will be playing Old Bill Villains FC made up of policemen from the Fletchampstead Highway and Chase Avenue Police Stations.

The Warwick team features a number of Warwick's Security team - who have good cause to play fair having recently one a Blue Lamp Award in recognition of the outstanding level of co-operation between the two organisations!

The teams are competing for the Warwick Challenge Cup kindly supplied by Warwick Sport.

Old Bill Villains FC Warwick Uni All Stars
Shaun Cooley (Campus PC/ Fletchampstead) CAPTAIN

Clay Healy (Fletchampstead)
Graeme Milne (Fletchampstead)
Asa Morris (Chase Avenue)
Mark Olden (Chase Avenue)
James Rees (Fletchampstead)
Tom Cudworth (Fletchampstead)
James Hempstock (Chase Avenue)
Dave Blake (Fletchampstead)
John Smith (Fletchampstead)
Ray Jahan (Chase Avenue)
James Birtles (Chase Avenue)
Simon Flowers (Chase Avenue)
Mark Levy (Chase Avenue)
Karl Mackley (Fletchampstead)

Loz Farmer (Security) CAPTAIN

Dan Coombs (VIVA)
Dave Smith (Porter)
Lee Green (Porter)
Telis Smith (Security)
Darren Barker (Security)
Shaz Maqsood (Security)
Darren Pinks (Estates)
Chez Mowinski (Security)
Paul Harper (Porter)
Gavin Starky (Engineering)
Gavin Smith (Unitemp)
Ascar Shah (Security)
Andy Webb (Retail)
Fabio Finocchiaro (Retail)
Mathew Scott (Accommodation)
Jim Shields (French)