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Complexity Forum - More Complexity Science at Warwick

More Complexity Science at Warwick


15.10 Welcome
15.15 Alessandro Troisi (Chemistry) Modelling molecular self-assembly
with agent-based simulations
15.30 Sayanthan Ghosal (Economics) Out of equilibrium dynamics in
large markets
15.45 Florian Theil (Mathematics) Irreversible dynamics from
reversible microdynamics
16.00 Tea break
16.15 Peter Jones/Ross McMurran (Engineering/WMG) Evolutionary
validation of complex automotive electronic systems
16.30 Mark Salmon/Roman Kozhan (Business) Complex financial markets
16.45 Jonathan Cave (Economics) Complexity in games 

The event will take place in Maths B3.02 15:10 on Tuesday 7 November.

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