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The Mercy Seat

Three performances of Neil LaBute's The Mercy Seat will take place in the CAPITAL Centre Studio on the 28 and 29 November 2009. The CAPITAL supported student performance will be directed by Ed Lewis, currently a third year undergraduate student in the School of Theatre and Performance & Cultural Policy Studies and produced by Melanie Watts, currently a second year undergraduate student in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies.

Ben works in the World Trade Centre.
Abby is Ben's boss and mistress.
They have spent the night in her apartment.

It is September 12th 2001.

Neil LaBute's Mercy Seat is a thrilling two-hander set during the aftermath of the terror attacks that shook the world. As the characters are thrown into the claustrophbic world of fate and chance, the idolised concept of heroism that surrounded this event is opposed by Ben as he is selfishly inspired to use this dilemma to disappear, begin a new life with his lover and leaving behind his family to share in the grief of thousands.

Playing on the close relationship between humour and tragedy, LaBute explores the shocking and immoral human behaviour that is often found during moments of mass chaos and devestation. The Mercy Seat was the first theatrical response to 9/11 when originally performed in 2002 and is now playing in the CAPITAL Centre Studio, with support from the CAPITAL Centre and Warwick University Drama Society.

Performances are open to all students, staff and external visitors to the University and are free to attend.

Please follow the links below to reserve your FREE ticket:

This production has been entered into NSDF10, a unique week-long event showcasing student performance.